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Chairmans 2024 Message

Chairmans 2024 Message

gareth knapman12 Jan - 13:40
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Club Chairman Mike Cavanagh issues his chairman's report, highlighting what we are hoping to do moving into 2024

Chairmans Report

Happy New year to you all and your families. I hope you have all had a great festive break.
I look forward to seeing you all and welcoming you all back to the Dell in 2024, for what is expected to a great second half to the season for the 1stXV and the Wolfpack teams.
The 1st XV are currently top of there league, (as of writing this), The commitment to training at the all-weather facility in Ellesmere Port and the great work the coaching team have been putting in is paying massive dividends on the pitch. This is also rubbing off on the 2nd XV Wolfpack, The Wolfpack are currently sitting mid table and like the 1st XV are playing a great brand of rugby, It is no foregone conclusion that the Wolfpack cannot challenge for top spot in this league.
We have a very strong playing pool, but it can always be better and we are always looking to recruit players at all levels, whether they are returning or new players to rugby. They will always be made to feel welcome to the Prenton family.

As you are all aware, we are embarking on developing the facilities at the club. This will give the players of the club in my opinion the best facilities in the Northwest and enhance the playing experience here at Prenton. It will also enable us to develop as a club going forward and with the new facilities entice a new breed of players to the club.
There is a tremendous amount of work being done in the background by a small team of members and It would be great if you have the time to help and support in any way you can. If you feel you can help in whatever capacity, please come and have a chat with myself or Gareth Knapman.

As you are aware the cost of building and building materials has dramatically increased since the COVID pandemic, This has also impacted the cost of our development.
We are currently in the process of applying for a grant from the Community Ownership Fund (COF) which is a government levelling up fund. This a very comprehensive application process and requires a great deal of information, time and detail with support from other agencies to complete. We are also looking at other smaller funding applications, We are set to launch a Crowd funder scheme, in the coming months and would benefit from anyone who feels they can support us in getting this up and running and also help with getting your companies to pledge packages that will aide us in running the Crowd funder. Any help however little that will be a great help to achieve our goal.

Birkenhead School
As some of you may be aware. We have been in discussions with Birkenhead School for some time now. For those who aren’t aware, Birkenhead School, are looking to sell a plot of land which has previously been used by the school as a sports field at the top of Bidston Ridge. The school plan is to sell the land to a developer to build housing on.
Currently the planning has been rejected by Wirral Borough Council. However, the school are appealing this decision. If the planning application is granted, the school will provide funds for us to develop an additional fully floodlit pitch at The Dell.

Additional Land
For the Birkenhead School planning application to succeed. Birkenhead school, amongst other things must acquire additional land at The Dell. Birkenhead school have entered into an agreement with the landowner, who owns the land in the quarry at the back of the club. The Landowner has agreed to sell the land to Birkenhead school if and when the planning application gets granted. If the application is approved the ownership of land will change and become our land.
We have also acquired a strip of land that runs from the back of the club to the perimeter of Prenton Golf club land. This approximately 16metres in width. This has been purchased from the landowner, This strip of land is vital in developing our facilities at the Dell.

National Grid land (Quarry)
We are currently in advanced talks with National Grid to further develop the quarry at the back of the club. The aim is to turn this area into a nature trail for the residents and schools to use.
The discussions surround National Grid leasing the land to Prenton Rugby Club for an extended period. The lease will involve National Grid pay us to manage the land and pay an amount of money per capita that utilise the nature trail.
The nature trail is currently being developed by Mike Coffin. If you think you can support Mike in any way, please let us know.

To End
We need you the membership to ensure that you respect the good name of the club whether that be at the Dell, at other clubs or in the local community. Please be mindful that whilst you are wearing club colours you are representing Prenton Rugby Club.
I also need to remind you all, players and spectators of Prenton Rugby Club. The RFU have launched additional sanctions against anyone abusing match officials. Please remember that there is a code of conduct that is mandatory for all at Prenton Rugby club to adhere to.
Thank you all again for listening to my ramblings. I believe we have a very good and positive outlook going forward and the future of Prenton Rugby club is a bright one.

Mick Cavanagh

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