Prenton Rugby Club In the Community Project

By Sean Astbury
1 September
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This is our short video Prenton Rugby Club In the Community Project..

We invite you along with us on this journey of our community life project... We are proud of our achievements and passionate about our goals.. This short video is our guide to this community life project and what our goals are.. We have already put in a lot of ground work to bring life into this project both physically and financially with the help of our membership & local councils, Wirral Services.. We want this to be a huge success and for that to happen we need the help of all the local communities.

Massive thanks to the local councils for sharing in our vision of the future of the Prenton Community Project..

Tony Norbury & Samantha Frost : Labour Party
Chris Cook : Green Party

We have a big journey ahead of us and would welcome any input, Help & advice from the local business communities to further reach our projects full potential..
We are already working with charities such as the Paul Lavelle Foundation to make this area a place of comfort and peace in a time when Mental Health is now more important than ever..

Thanks for Watching


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