Club Development

On the 1st of October 2006 Preston Lodge rugby club appointed Andrew Clark a graduate in Sports Exercise Science from Napier University and an experienced rugby player to the role of Club Development Officer.

The purpose of this role is to bring the rugby club closer to the local community and make the club more accessible to the whole community. Andrew will be working very closely with the development of rugby skills in schools: Logniddry, Cockenzie, Preston Lodge and St Gabriel’s primary’s and Preston Lodge High School

Andrew will also be working towards increasing awareness of healthy eating by introducing a healthy lifestyle programme which can be utilised by the whole community. The healthy lifestyle programme will be delivered via mini lectures and workshops covering healthy eating, exercise and fitness testing.

Andrew commented “basically my job is to give as many people in particular boys and girls in the local community a chance to play rugby. Rugby is a fun and safe game that you can enjoy for many years either through playing or supporting. I am in the process of putting into place a structure and teams, so that if you are 5 or 45 you can play and enjoy rugby. Many of the training techniques are transferable to a variety of different sports such as football, hockey basketball etc… We also want to encourage as many of the local community to come along and support Preston Lodge Rugby Club and enjoy the facilities at the new Pennypitt complex”

Rugby is available as follows:

Mini (P1-P7) boys and girls - Every Sunday 11am-12noon at Pennypit Park, Prestonpans
School Rugby (S1-S6) – Every Monday & Wednesday straight after school at Preston Lodge secondary P.E department. 3.45 – 5.P.M.
Under 18 and no longer at school – Please email
Senior (18 ) – Every Tuesday & Thursday 7pm – 9pm at Pennypit Park, Prestonpans.

Whether you have previous experience of rugby or not you can play rugby so, come along and give rugby a try!!!!!!