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Sat 01 Aug 2015
Priory Park Cricket Club
Saturday XI
Lankians CC
Subbu’s Spin makes Lankians Dance - Match Report by Kunal Vasa

Subbu’s Spin makes Lankians Dance - Match Report by Kunal Vasa

Mehul JNR Patel5 Aug 2015 - 15:51
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PPCC vs Lankians - 1st Aug 2015

‘Subbu’s Spin makes Lankians Dance’

Saturday’s potential action packed blockbuster turned out to be more of a silent movie as the usual hype that surrounds tussles between perennial rivals PPCC and Lankians became a one sided massacre
Both teams were under strength for this important encounter as injuries, poor form, holidays and weddings depleted the respective squads. What was not a surprise however was the Lankians turning up late and starting with two players short, a repeat performance of the reverse fixture, serious organisation and discipline are obvious requirements for the Lankan outfit

So to the game itself, a shortened 38 over affair to ensure there was enough time to get to V5 before sunset. Sandeep won yet another toss and went for his favoured option of batting first in slightly overcast conditions. The pitch which was fairly flat for last week’s game against St Albans did not look too threatening again apart from some uneven bounce down the hill. July and August are definitely months the batsmen can cash in as pitches become placid in dry conditions

Priory’s batsmen have been cashing in and without too much tinkering Sabs and Hambo opened up. Lankians were still awaiting some of their players for whom the journey from West Harrow to Eastcote proved all too complicated, as a result their bowling was impacted as they began with spin
Hambo and Sabs started in solid fashion and after 8 overs moved to 41when Sabs who had been looking in majestic form played a drive slightly away from his body and flashed an edge to slip. The catch taken was probably the highlight of Lankians afternoon as they removed the dangerous Sabs from the crease

Priory’s skipper entered the fray in need of a big innings. He hasn’t quite transferred his LMS form into the longer format and one wonders whether his excellent captaincy has had an impact on his longer game. The skipper has led Priory very well all season but so much thought and organisation is involved it is easy to get distracted, especially whilst batting. One of Priory’s most gifted players played with all his natural flair today and perhaps with the knowledge that he had a good start and with some strong batting to come he launched into some positive strokeplay.

Lankians players finally arrived to the ground and after further delays changing their keeper they finally had their first choice bowler available. This did not make any difference as it seemed the faster he bowled the faster the ball flew to the boundary as Sandeep flayed the ball to all parts of the ground displaying his full array of strokes. Hambo played some delightful straight drives off short deliveries and picked up singles at will as he gave his in form skipper a lot of the strike. Hambo has been one of Priory’s men in form of late and when he builds the team a platform they tend to go on a win the game, he cleverly manufactured his innings to ensure he supported his skipper who was at his flowing best

The first sign that this game was not going to be the titanic encounter it promised came when the Lankians introduced their second change bowler. Brother of Arjuna Ranantunga and cousin of Dwayne Leverock this chap had a bit about him, unfortunately I am not talking about his bowling. An astonishing 18 ball over was delivered including 12 wides and a total of 20 runs which took all the pressure off Priory’s batsmen. This over took the run rate close to 7 an over and it would remain as such until the end of the innings. Opposition, fielders and batsmen alike all felt sorry for this hapless individual, the only person who seemed to benefit was Subbu, the umpire at that end as he had to stretch his arms out wide on no less than 12 occasions.

123 quick fire runs later and Priory were 164/1, well placed for a score beyond 250. With several wickets in hand Hambo and Sandeep departed soon after, ending what surely must be one of the highest second wicket partnerships this season. Wickets after this were fairly frequent as Priory attempted to slog their way past 250. The experienced and very talented Persaud family batted together at a point and added some Caribbean flair to the Indian spice and some hard hitting cameos from Tejas and Rajiv saw Priory to a commanding total of 247. Tejas adapted well to being moved down the order with the captain needing some overs from him later on, Priory’s chairman swatted away the Lankian spinners like flies into the short leg side boundary and also got some useful exercise as Vasa made him scamper some very quick two’s at the end of the innings

The skipper proceeded to treat his team to some posh nosh, well as posh as it gets for Priory’s cricketers used to dining on mixed grills. Platters from Wenzels along with some home made spicy potato sandwiches and Gulab Jamon all made it to the eagerly awaiting plates of both teams.

In the field Priory had the return of the leader in their attack, Ritesh. The fast bowling lynchpin has been out for much of the season and those who remember such performances as his destruction of Pacific earlier in the yearwere keen to see him return to the fold. If indeed Priory keep all their fast men fit and available a fiery attack of Hitesh, Ritesh and Dharmesh will surely warrant a mention in sky sports pace like fire documentaries. Ritesh had forewarned his team mates that he had eaten too much tea and needed some time to digest!

Priory opened up with Ritesh and Vasa, both bowlers having the ability to swing and move the ball effectively.
Ritesh initially struggled to find his line and has been lucky that a young scorer in the Lankian ranks was forgiving and did not count these runs against him. Perhaps it was fear of facing him later in the innings that made him do this
Nevertheless after a few overs digesting his tea Priory’s aggressive fast man found his line and length and produced some unplayable deliveries, in several cases the batsmen were simply not good enough to nick it through and Ritesh went wicketless after a burst of 5 overs. Runs were difficult to come by and at the other end Vasa was equally as miserly as both bowlers only conceded two runs per over. Vasa found his range and after a couple of close calls won an LBW appeal with and outswinger leaving the left handed and followed this up with an inswinger to the right hander that went through the gap. Two wickets down with very few runs on the board and the game was effectively over

This was a sub standard Lankian performance but Priory did expect them to show a little more fight and their middle order showed that they were here for more reasons than having a few gulab jamons in the sunshine.
Their captain and often comedian Guna came in wielding a hacksaw and tried to chop and cut every ball to third man. At this stage Priory’s little master had come on to show off his bowling skills and out thought the Lankian captain by simply bowling full and straight, eliminating his favourite cut shot and bowling him through the gate as he perched on his back foot.

Priory unleashed an unheralded leg spinner in the form of Subbu from the other end. For years Priory have been seeking an alternative to the mercurial MP3 without much luck, from H trying his fast spin to Vijay throwing his trundlers high into the air Priory have never had much confidence in throwing the ball to any potential slow men if MP is not there to spin his tunes. If Subbu can be utilised he will prove to be a great asset to the Priory attack giving it the balance they need in big games. Flight, guile, spin and variation were all features of Subbu’s armoury and he had the Lankian middle order all at sea with no inclination on how to play such a bowler.
Supported by subtle field changes from the experienced K Persaud the batsmen were simply trapped with no get out shot. In the end the spin got the better of them and Subbu’s three wickets were bowled or stumped. Priory’s Chairmen deserves a mention here for adapting his keeping to a leg spinning bowler, something he has not been used too in recent history, taking stumpings when the ball is viciously turning is not easy and Rajiv rolled back the years with cat like reflexes to support his bowler

With competitiveness now fully withdrawn from the game Priory’s skipper took the opportunity to try out some other options at his disposal with Abhi, Dave and Hambo all getting a chance to turn their arm over. Hambo showed why he could potentially be the man with the golden arm and a future partnership breaker with a wicket in his first over!
As a fellow cricketer it pains me to make a note of yet another moment of brilliance from Priory’s little master who after fielding a ball off his own bowling threw down the stumps at the batsmens end in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t only the batsmen who was shell shocked but the rest of the master’s team mates as this little piece of genius took a while to digest, just like the skippers tea! How we would love to be as naturally gifted as Tejas
Lankians finally folded for just 130, not even batting out their allotted 38 overs. The game closed with the third run out of the innings as Priory’s lightning ground fielding shone through. Run outs replaced catches as Priory proved they can move just as fast in the field as they do in the bar and put to bed the disappointing fielding performance against St Albans. With several batsmen in form, bowlers finding consistent lines and finally a strong fielding performance it all seems to be clicking into place for Priory Park Cricket Club.

Man of the match: Priory’s humble skipper Sandeep was given the honour today by his fellow half centurion Hambo. Their partnership lit up Priory’s innings allowing them to post a more than competitive score against the hapless Lankians. 60 runs, 2 excellent run outs and another stellar performance as captain winning and ensuring all his players got a good game. A perfect performance from Priory’s Captain Sparrow

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