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SIA tournament Report, By Darren Persaud.  9 Aug 2015

SIA tournament Report, By Darren Persaud. 9 Aug 2015

By Mehul JNR Patel
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Basmati Rice Purple hat Leading wicket taker Ritesh Verma 6 wickets

Rubicon Orange hat Leading Runs M Active 66 not out! 2 innings

Senokot Moment of the competition: most runs in an over conceded from roop - 20 (2/36) vs scrubbadonians - Louis Lynch

Hats and MOM awards to follow

This year the tournament grew to 4 teams, an absolutely amazing feat and massive credit to all those involved in making this happen. It was a welcome to West London Limers and a welcome back to returning champions Priory Park Cricket Club, Old Scrubbadonians CC and BBC Mishits CC (Glaxo rebels!).

We managed to raise £1361 in the end. Unfortunately, the person at Barclays didn't come through and so they didn't match our total. Nonetheless, a brilliant effort for all involved, including donations from those that didn't play! A massive thank you to you all too for your support! Rob, Bob, Vasa, John Blake to name a few.

One of things that gave me the most joy playing cricket was playing with a mix of people from different walks of life, nationalities, ages, etc. so seeing pretty much most of the continents across the world represented was amazing! Even how far some had travelled to play in the competition, from the south (albeit south London!) to the north (Yorkshire) was remarkable.

Before I go on to the cricket, a massive thanks to my mum, mother in law (how many can say that!) and my wife for producing a tea fit for royalty. A huge thank you to Burnham Cricket Club for providing their top class facilities free of charge, again and my Dad for arranging this. It's a fantastic venue and an interesting drive to get there. Also to the 4 captains for getting full squads together, including remarkably having 2 spares! To John Blake for umpiring and Steve for proving scoring is an art!

Just a reminder as to why this competition took place. I injured my neck and spine a year ago playing cricket, I won't bore anyone with the story again! I received amazing treatment at Stoke Mandeville so wanted to raise money for the sp