Player Profiles

Player Profiles

By Chris Patterson
30 September
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Over the course of the season we will be catching up with the entire squad in our version of TEAMMATES.

This week we catch up with our number 8, Yannick Debil

NAME: Yannick Laurent Romuald Debil

POSITION: Number 8


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WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT PLAYING AT P&S: The lads we have at the club is what makes P&S the best little club in Northumberland. Every single player looks out for one another.

WHO IS THE BEST TRAINER AT THE CLUB: Captain Chris Patterson, doesn’t miss a session and always motivating the lads to up the tempo and to keep going.

MOST MEMORABLE P&S MATCH: My debut in 2015, starting at fly half at Hartlepool BBOB. Scored a try, man of the match and dislocated my shoulder. What more could you want from a game. That or my hat-trick against Chester-le-Street in 2017.

WHO IS THE MOST SKILFUL IN THE SQUAD: This is a tough one, Will Foster is very skilful but I’ve got to say James Bradshaw, he can play anywhere and makes it look easy.

WHO IS THE QUICKEST: Probably Dan Whiley.

WHO IS THE STRONGEST: Arm wrestle between Robert Reid and John Robson would settle this.

IF YOU COULD PLAY ANY OTHER POSITION WHAT WOULD IT BE: Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve played rugby for over 20 years, I’ve played every position in the backs and now I’m happy hanging off the back of a scrum.

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE PROFESSIONAL PLAYER, PAST OR PRESENT: Jonah Lomu. The man changed the world of rugby, it could even be argued that he’s the reason rugby is now a professional sport. Gone far too soon.


STRANGEST THING YOU’VE SEEN ON A RUGBY PITCH: Some of the DN3 refereeing decisions are pretty damn strange that’s for sure.

Next facing the Teammates questions will be Alex Fitton.

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