AGM - 2012

Racal Decca RFC
AGM 16th May 2012 – minutes

Welcome by the Chairman

Tony thanked all of the players, members and committee members for their efforts this season.
Fixture Secretary - Sean – For his organisation in getting the club well matched games all season.
Treasurer – Molly – For all his work as purse holder
Captain – Woody – For all he has done and continues to do for the club
Tour Manager – Dev – For another superb tour
Finally to all the players for some of the best games he has ever seen the club play.
Treasurers Report – Given by Woody in Molly’s absence
Went through the summary provided by Molly:

Annual report
Racal Decca Financial summary –

"This report will be very transparent and easy to understand, we started this rugby season with a balance of £1300.71 in the bank and in what has been a tough year for most peoples personal finances we have reported income from weekly subs at £1943.10 (last year 1,666.10) an increase this year with the higher weekly sub amount from last year, this is versus our commitment for pitches at £1460 for our 12 home games.

As of the 15/05/2012 we currently have £1972 in the bank less future drawings of -

D&D funds currently in bank £560
D&D ticket supplement £250
D&D awards £145

Also future income in the form of -

£150 deposit return from D&D
£100 deposit return from Goals for testimonial

This will give us a close to £1237 final closing balance for the season”

We have broken even for the season and suggest that the charges remain the same for the following season.
Fixture Secretary Report – Sean
Of the 28 games arranged 25 were completed with 3 cancellations (2 due to weather and 1 due to late notice from the opposition). The merit table and communication with Surrey RFU works well and long may it continue.

Captains Report – Woody

Games from 10th September 2011 to 14th April 2012
28 Games initially planned

25 Completed

2 Cancellations due to the weather
1 Cancellation due to opposition pulling out at the last minute

All Games Merit Table
Won 11 10
Lost 14 5

Total points for 602 370
Total points against 646 243
Difference -44 127

Average points for 24.08 24.66
Average points against 25.84 16.20

Largest winning margin 70-10 (60 points) 44-5 (39 points)
Largest losing margin 5-55 (50 points) 31-12 (19 Points)

Total players used 36 (excludes those borrowed for the opposition)


Attendances we up on last year, just!

Most appearances:

Sam Banks
George Cracknell
Robert Holmes

9 players played 20+ games (up from 4 last season)
17 players played in 10+ games (down from 19 last season)

New players:

Paul Bohle – 13 Apps
Steve Crewdson – 10 Apps
George Unsworth – 7 Apps

Major Injuries

Richard Manners – Apps 14 out since 18/02/11
Matt Taylor – Apps 13 – out since 25/02/12
Graeme Alexander – Apps 7 out since 19/11/11


Most points:
Robert Holmes
Simon Molloy
George Cracknell
Dan Hunt

Most tries scored:
Simon Molloy
George Cracknell
Dan Hunt

Jani – 2 x Yellow cards
Crackers – 1 x Yellow card
Woody – 1 x Yellow card


"Our Fixture Secretary, Sean, did a great job, having only one game called off that we could not get alternative opposition for shows that. Also the rearranging of the December Merit Table game to March for the help for heroes game worked well.

The Merit Table provided us with competitive matches and would hope that we will continue with this competition.

Whilst it was never my main goal, we did not achieve a winnings season; once again our best form was in the merit table.

The lack of training certainly affected our form towards the end of season, something that we really need to consider going forward.

I asked at the last AGM for better consistency in selection and with the amount of players that achieved 10+ and 20+ games we had that. I am sure that we would have had more players in the 20+ club if it was not for the injuries to Mungo, Matt T & Gl-o.

I have said over the past few years that we need 3-4 new players a season, this must continue, this seasons new players have made an impact both of and off the field and are assets to our club.

If you have any friends, co-workers, family that play being them along to training or a game. The new blood is vital to continued success of our club.

In the main our discipline was good, however as is always the case, we can and must do better next season. I believe that we have a good reputation throughout the sides we play, even if some of the match reports by other clubs I have read do not come across this way!

If there is one thing that is important to both the Chairman and I, it is that our reputation as good club is upheld.

Overall this was one of the most enjoyable seasons I had as a player and Captain and I thank all the players & supporters for that.

Thanks to the committee and especially Sean for his continued works behind the scenes, and to Howard who will be missed from the match day team."

Tour Managers Report – Given by Woody in Dev absence

"The Tour was a resounding success and going forward we will only be able to do an overseas tour if we have sufficient commitment by the end of September.
With that in mind Woody issued standing order forms to start in July 2012 through to April 2013, to include Annuals £5.00, Tour £300.00 (two nights) and either 1 or 2 D&D tickets £35.00 per head.
Payments up front, separate payment plans etc will also be accepted, however, we would need a minimum of £100.00 paid by the end of September.
Matt asked represents sufficient commitment?
Woody replied: At least 15 players, we cannot play without taking a team?

All present are keen to travel abroad so Woody ask the group to speak the rest of the club and spread the word that we want to go overseas for Tour and they should all get on board!"

Election of Officers:

Tony Downing nominated by Mick Phelan
Mick Phelan nominated by Alan Parry
Mick did not accept the nomination and said “Tony must Chairman when he dies!!!”
Tony Downing accepted the nomination seconded by the room.

Robert Holmes nominated by various, seconded by various
Robert accepted the nomination

Fixture Sec:
Sean Phelan nominated by Woody (and everyone else), seconded by everyone
Sean accepted the nomination

Simon Molloy nominated by everyone
Simon not here to accept in person

Tour Manger:
Dev Anand nominated by everyone
Dev not here to accept in person

Social Secretary:
This post has been left open as previous Social Sec not the and not in attendance and not clear if he was willing to do it again. The position will be left vacant for now.


Testimonial 2013:


Ray Bradley

**Ray has since accepted this honour and very thankful for the nomination.
Testimonial day to take place last week of April, he cannot do the May bank holiday 2013.
Goals has been booked for 27th April 2013**


Rumours have been circulating that Pat (the manager of Goals) is contemplating putting a rugby pitch up full time at Goals. Both Woody and Mick have spoken to him about this and it would appear to be his idea, however, it does not seem to fit with their commercial image so is a non-starter.
Whilst we still get to use the bar after games and they show all the internationals, keeping our current arrangement with them would in the best interest of the club.

Tolworth Court:

Facilities are fantastic (changing rooms and pitch) providing the fees do not increase too much the current structure of subs makes this affordable to. This is the best option for us to play games on a superior pitch to our opponents


Summer training to commence on Wednesday 23rd May at King Georges Fields and continue throughout the summer.

Flood lit training was extensively researched last year and matt Taylor worked very hard to find us a location, either sharing with Glynns Old Boys or using Nescot. These enquiries were not successful.

For the coming season flood-lit training will be investigated once again and suggestions of Richard Challoner School and the playing fields behind Chessington cricket club will be followed up.
The group were asked if they knew or have seen anywhere suitable they are to pass this information to Woody, any location will be investigated.

Post-game sandwiches at home games:

This was agreed last year but Woody admitted to not pursuing this last season. Lou Phelan has expressed an interest is providing such and a strong commitment was made by Woody to get this going for next season.

***Lou Phelan has volunteered to start this for the first game on next season, thanks Lou***

Club Shorts:

Some players placed orders for shorts last year, however, too few to be ordered. New shorts will be ordered for all players for the coming season and the players will pay (if they have not done so already) for these.

Replacement for Howard:

Mick Phelan asked the question do we have a replacement for Howard as match day first aid?
We have not actively sourced a replacement, however, Alan will speak to Becky to see if she would interested in helping us out on Match Days.

***Alan has spoken to Becky and she is keen to help out when she can, thanks Becky***

Online Match Reports:

Alan volunteered to write weekly match reports, however, he would require some assistance with the stats for the game. Gavyn was suggested to be Match report Administrator/Manger (full title TBC) as our website currently provides a team sheet with the facility for recording the match details in real time. These get printed weekly in any case and passing this Gav to record during the game is very simple.

**Gav has been approached and I understand he has accepted it and looking forward to helping us out.
Thanks Gavlaaaar**

Summer barbecue:

Tot has offered to have a Club Barbecue as his school in the summer (August) a final date will be arranged between Tot and Woody.