Top Guns, Smith & Weston at Kirklington Road by Max Barton

Top Guns, Smith & Weston at Kirklington Road by Max Barton

By Paul Fryer
4 July 2020
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Rainworth Miners Welfare are delighted to announce Craig Weston and Richard Smith as their new management team for the upcoming 2019/20 season.

The pair previously worked together at Selston FC where the club finished 1st in the East Midlands Counties League for the 2018/19 season.

The new management team will meet their new squad in a training session next weekend.
One half of the management, Richard Smith has previous experience at the club already. Smith played for Rainworth 15 years ago whilst the club were in the Notts Senior League.
He said: “It’s a club that I’ve always looked out for in terms of their results, it’s a club that’s always meant a lot to me personally as I’ve made a lot of good friends there.

“When the job came up, I knew Craig was interested too so we put our applications in and we were lucky enough to get it which we’re really pleased about.”

Smith and Weston have many years of experience working alongside each other. Smith believes that the differences in their individual coaching styles allows them to form a stronger partnership.

He said: “We are both very similar in the sense that we are winners and that we want to win every game.

“Craig is an unbelievable motivator; he gets the squad together and gets the camaraderie right. He’s always been successful at whichever clubs he’s at.

“However, I am more technically focussed in my management. I like to work on set pieces and shape for example; I am also a lot more vocal on the touchline than Craig is.”
Smith insists that he wants to bring an attractive brand of football to Kirklington Road next season.

He said: “We like to be entertaining; we want people to be able to come to games and be entertained enough to want to come back but the main priority for us is that we want to win.

There is already a buzz about the place as Twitter reacts to their appointment.
“All you can ask of players and managers is that they do better than they did in the previous seasons and that’s exactly what we are aiming for.”

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