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1. Register or Renew with Rugby Connect

The IRFU's new RugbyConnect system is now in it's third season. ALL parents of mini and youth players (except Leprechauns) and ALL adult players, are now required to have accounts and register players. Any problems registering or renewing, please email
Note that for the 2022/23 season - you can now pay by instalments. Your initial credit card deposit payment of €50 (€60 for Family Membership) will be followed by 4 monthly automatic deductions on the same day of the month to make up the balance.

  • Please use a laptop/PC as we have had reports of problems using phone/tablet.
  • Register or renew by clicking here. Select the package that is right for you - and click the "Register" button.
  • If player is not previously registered from last season, you should flip from the "Log In" tab to the "Sign Up" tab.
  • Once your Sportlomo account is set up - you can re-log in here.

The system also processes your club subscriptions - and we will be continue to use this system for the 2021/22 season. There are multiple helpful guides for players/parents on the IRFU website here.

  • If renewing (this season) a previous registration (from last season), it is quite straightforward and you should only need to reconfirm the details previously entered. See guide here.
  • If registering for the first time, the IRFU guide is here, and you should also follow the supplementary instructions in the next section below.
  • If a player has turned 18 and no longer requires a parent to manage their account, you can reassign account access from parent to player - see guide here.
  • If a player is registered under one parent's account, and you wish to have multiple parents accounts to both access the same player - see guide here.

Supplementary Instructions for First Time Registration
Please be careful to key in a correct date of birth, as this is used to match your new record with historic IRFU data. If you know your player’s IRFU number, please also provide it (Ask your coach if you are unsure). For youth and adult (but not minis/leprechauns), you will need to upload 2 photos (which you can take on your phone or tablet):

  • Passport style photo of player (head and shoulders looking straight ahead, against plain light background)
  • Photo of either birth cert or passport
It is important to register as no Adult/Youth player will be able to play a competitive game without being registered on the system.

We strongly encourage minis to also register with the IRFU, as it significantly eases the administration for the club. Leprechauns can also register, though there is also a lightweight Leprechaun registration on the club website shop here.

Other Notes:

  • Re the question: "What school did you / are you attending?" - for parents registering, this question refers to the player.
  • At the end of the form, when prompted for "Signature" - just key in your own name as parent
  • We have had reports that some browsers do not respond well to the question: "Is there anything about the player’s general health that you wish to tell us. If yes, please tick this box." If you are having any difficulty entering health conditions, please email