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1. Register or Renew with Rugby Connect

The IRFU's new RugbyConnect system is now in it's third season. ALL parents of mini and youth players (except Leprechauns) and ALL adult players, are now required to have accounts and register players. Any problems registering or renewing, please email
Note that for the 2023/24 season - you can now pay by instalments. Your initial credit card deposit payment of €50 (€60 for Family Membership) will be followed by 4 monthly automatic deductions on the same day of the month to make up the balance.

  • Please use a laptop/PC as we have had reports of problems using phone/tablet.
  • Register or renew by clicking HERE. Select the package that is right for you - and click the "Register" button.
  • If player is not previously registered from last season, you should flip from the "Log In" tab to the "Sign Up" tab.
  • Once your Sportlomo account is set up - you can re-log in by clicking HERE. (Please do not click on any banner advertising on this page - but rather only on the blue word "HERE" above)
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The system also processes your club subscriptions - and we will be continue to use this system for the 2023/24 season. There are multiple helpful guides for players/parents on the IRFU website HERE.

  • If renewing (this season) a previous registration (from last season), it is quite straightforward and you should only need to reconfirm the details previously entered. See guide HERE.
  • If registering for the first time, the IRFU guide is