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6. Anti Bullying Policy


Bullying is often considered to be a fifth type of abuse but
when it does occur it usually has elements of one or more
of the four categories identified. The bully can be a parent
who pushes too hard, a coach or manager with a ‘win at all
costs’ attitude or another intimidating child.

It should also be recognised that bullying can take place in the virtual
world of social networking sites, emails or text messages.

If bullying does occur it should not be ignored and the victim
should be supported through what can be a traumatic
experience. Bullying will not just go away.

Bullying takes many forms but ultimately it is the perception
of the victim that determines whether or not they are being
bullied and not the intention of the bully.

There are opportunities to bully at any rugby club or activity.

It is the way that incidences are dealt with which makes
the difference between life being tolerable or becoming a
misery for the victim. Bullies can be very cunning and develop
strategies to avoid it being seen by anyone but the victim.

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Anti Bullying Policy