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200 Club Newsletter

200 Club Newsletter

By Toby Feldman
18 January
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No. 47 for January 2021

Dear 200 Club Member,

Welcome to Newsletter number 47 for January 2021. Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope that 2021 is a much better year for all of us.

The 200 Club show is still going on and the first draw of 2021 was done by my wife who is no longer furloughed and back to being a professional 200 Club Draw Person.

This is the draw for December 2020 and some of you may wonder why the draw is a month behind. This is so that I have the bank statements for December 2020 and I can check exactly who has paid in that month and only put in the correct numbers for those payers.

The winners are :

£200 – Number 111 – Hazel Dilley – Supporter of RRFC since before my time at the club. This will come in very handy for Brian’s birthday in March (and mine on the same day!!)

£100 – Number 23 – Graham Ethelston – Second Rhino Captain 1987 and former Committee man.

£50 – Number 103 – Jonny Humphreys – One of our Junior Coaches.

I’m still waiting for Keith Searle to confirm his address so that I can send him his cheque for last month. If Keith reads this or anyone who knows his address does, then please e-mail it to me.

A few more people have let their membership lapse, don’t worry, when we are back at the rugby club, I, or my committee will find you and you can rejoin. If you don’t want to wait for then please contact me on or 01189477302.

No live rugby to watch at present on TV, although there are some old Lions matches, so have to make do with the cricket and bowls!!!!

Best wishes, Happy New Year, take care,


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