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By Toby Feldman
28 November 2020
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Message from our Chairman

I realise that you are all wanting to know what we will be doing from next Wednesday, but the short answer is that we cannot be sure.
I and the Club’s management team have been waiting for a statement on this from the RFU, but there hasn’t been one as yet.

To be fair to the RFU, they are attempting to get us back to something more closely resembling full contact rugby, but these negotiations have yet to bear fruit.

There was a bulletin yesterday, but it basically said ‘We’re on the case – and until we tell you differently, we are at Stage A’.
Andy Arter and I are working on the assumption that from next Wednesday we will go back to Stage D.
If confirmed by the RFU, we will return to training and touch rugby as before this last lockdown.
Importantly, we will be re-emphasising the Covid protocols to ensure that we stay as safe as possible.
One change will be that, with the new tougher Tiers, any member living or working in a Tier 3 area will not be allowed to come to the Club for training or other reasons.
Although most of our catchment is in Tier 2, anyone living or working in Slough (Tier 3) will be constrained by this.
The same could be true of students returning home from universities and colleges in Tier 3 locations.
I’m sure you know that the Club’s leadership are looking to get us all back into action as soon as possible, in whatever way the RFU regulations permit.

I will keep you informed of new developments and, in the meantime, I thank you for your patience and continued support.


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