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Sun 08
U11s (Raptors)
Virtual Training
Joint U10 & U11 Online Training

Joint U10 & U11 Online Training

By Ian Jenner
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Keeping fit and ready during lockdown 2

Our players have been doing a great job all season, improving their skills, getting fitter and stronger and working so well as a team within the current playing conditions. As coaches we want to help everyone maintain all the good work but more importantly, as a community club we want to do all we can to minimise the negative physical and mental effects of lockdown.

The under 10s and under 11s joined together for a virtual training session with a great turnout (I'll need to get a bigger screen to see you all!). Starting a few minutes later than normal to allow everyone to pay their respects for Remembrance Day, we kicked off with some gentle stretching before U11s head coach Sam ran us through a great HIIT session. The players attacked the exercises with gusto and it was good to see some of the parents and coaches joining in too!
Next U10 coach Jason ran some ball handling skills. Since many players were having to do this indoors we could see the extra level of concentration to keep their room in one piece - well done for managing!
Thanks to all that joined, we all want to be back on the pitch as soon as we're allowed but hope that you liked burning off some energy and seeing your team-mates as much as we coaches did.

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Sun 08, Nov 2020




Starting just after 11:00 as it is Remembrance Day
Meeting via Zoom - link will be on Spond