Club Affiliation - Samaritans
Sat 07
Marlow III
3rd XV (Vikings)
R Simms (4), L Bowie, A Donachie
J Ricau, I Lindsay (2)
Vikings victorious at Marlow

Vikings victorious at Marlow

By Roger Donachie
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Vikings travel to Marlow with a large squad and end up victorious with 6 tries.

This away friendly fixture at Marlow was the Vikings first game of the season and after the late cancellation of the Saxons game they were able to take a large number of subs. It was agreed that the game would be played in 4 20 min sections allowing plenty of opportunities to try out different players. Another opportunity to try out some of the new guys who had joined over the summer occurred the previous week when Reading 3rds(Vikings) and 5ths (Saxons) had gone to Egham as a mixed squad to take part in a tournament and despite losing all 3 games gained valuable experience of the new scrum rules.
Reading got off to a good start with a try in the far corner from new boy Richard Simms. The contest was then fairly level until captain Luc Bowie surged through the defence to score near the posts, John Ricau adding the conversion. This gave Reading a 12 point halftime lead. Despite making a large number of substitutions Reading continued to play well together although with little result. It was on the hour when a surge by John Ricau was stopped just short of the line. Toby Jessop and Davor Antonic-Mckinley were quickly up to secure the ball and when it squeezed out the back of the ruck centre Andy Donachie grabbed the ball and twisted over the line, conspicuous in his new bright pink scrum hat.
The Vikings continued to apply pressure with Rich Simms adding 3 more tries in a 10 minute spell, 2 of them converted by Iain Lindsay. The second of these tries was the best of the match. Andy Donachie with ball in hand began to move to the right with the Marlow defence drifting across to cover. Iain Lindsay racing up on his right saw the gap opening and switched his running line to the left and yelled for the ball. Andy, about to pass to his right, deftly flicked the ball back inside to Iain. Who was tackled just before the line but not before off-loading to the supporting Rich Simms. Marlow did not give in and in the last minute got a well reserved try.
Special mention goes to Jack Limbrick, Richard Simms and Simon Kourgy playing their first game for the Vikings. It had been intended to give Jack and Luke Hardaker half a game each at scrum half to try out options for the season. However Luke’s session did not last long as after 3 mins he twisted his ankle and had to leave the field – make a speedy recovery Luke.
Man of the Match: The award went to Richard Simms for scoring 4 tries in his first game for Reading.
It was a good all-round performance and will give the captain and manager something to think about before next week’s home league game against Slough.
1 Graham Wontner-Smith
2 Chris Hagger
3 Richard Bellingham
4 Simon Kourgy
5 Mark Chanter
6 Tony Baker
7 Henry Shannon
8 Luc Bowie
9 Jack Limbrick
10 John Ricau
11 Davor Antonic-McKinley
12 Andy Donachie
13 Richard Simms
14 Luke Hardaker
15 Toby Jessop

Subs: Darren Lever
Callum Ferguson
Jim Morton
Tim Hay
Ali Hutchinson
Piran Watson
Luke Staff
Iain Lindsay

Time Score
1 try Richard Simms 5 – 0
18 Darren Lever rep Richard Bellingham
28 try Luc Bowie 10 – 0
con John Ricau 12 – 0
Half Time
40 Jim Morton rep Mark Chanter
Tim Hay rep Simon Kourgy
Iain Lindsay rep Jack Limbrick
Piran Watson rep Tony Baker
Ali Hutchinson rep Henry Shannon
43 Jack Limbrick rep Luke Hardaker
60 try Andy Donachie 17 – 0
60 Richard Bellingham rep Darren Lever
Luke Staff rep Luc Bowie
Henry Shannon rep Davor Antonic-Mckinley
Chris Hagger rep Callum Ferguson
62 Tony Baker rep Richard Bellingham
64 try Richard Simms 22 – 0
con Iain Lindsay 24– 0
67 try Richard Simms 29 – 0
con Iain Lindsay 31 – 0
74 try Richard Simms 36 – 0
Mark Chanter rep Richard Simms
78 try Marlow 36 – 5
con Marlow 36 – 7

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Sat 07, Sep 2013