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Interview With Premier League Star Nicky Shorey

Interview With Premier League Star Nicky Shorey

Adam Dennehey14 Nov 2011 - 18:59
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Here's an interview I did with former England left-back Nick Shorey who attended Redbridge's FA Cup draw againgst Oxford City at the weekend.

Q) First of all Nicky, why were you at today’s game and what did you think of it?

Nicky: Well I am good friends with Redbridge’s first-team coach Jody Brown, so came down to support him and the lads. I am from the local area, so want to see the lads do well. It’s a good draw and I hope they can win the replay.

Q) Being a Premier League player and a former England international, does it sometimes feel strange for you when you go back to games such as these?

Does it feel like a gap of cultures down at this level, or is it something where if you are in the area and you know there’s a Non-League game on, do you go and watch the game if you can?

Nicky: To be honest I just love football. I started at these levels of football in the lower leagues and there’s still some good football to be played at these levels and there are players at this level who can on and do well in their careers. So if there’s a game of football on, when I get the chance to go and watch it I’ll be there.

Q) In terms of your career, did you play in any of the earlier rounds of the FA Cup before?

Nicky: I probably did when I was at Leyton Orient, which as you’ll know is where I started my career. The FA Cup’s a great competition and gives clubs like Redbridge a great chance to get some publicity and extra money behind them. The FA Cup gives sides like Redbridge a great chance to play good sides in the later rounds, which is hopefully something Redbridge can do if they can get past Oxford City in the replay.

Q) Is going into management something that you’d like to do? I know that you know Jody quite well so is it something that you’d like to, if given the opportunity?

Nicky: Obviously I’d like to stay in the game as that’s all I have known and loved doing for many years. It’s defiantly something I would look to. My dad’s a scout at Reading, so one day perhaps I will go into coaching, you never know?

Q) Without wanting to tempt fate on Redbridge’s FA Cup run, if Redbridge were to get through to the Third Round and play your side West Brom, is that a game that you’d like to start and be involved in?

Nicky: At the minute to be honest, I would probably be on the bench. Hopefully the lads can win the replay and go through; which from the looks of today’s game will be quite a tough one. But it’s nice to see clubs like Redbridge getting abit of publicity and the lads have done really well, so hopefully they can go through.

Click here to download Adam D's interview with Shorey.

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