Statistics for Week 17

Statistics for Week 17

By Philip Churchman
6 February 2018
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Back after a fortnight off, and its changed quite a bit.


The stats are back after a fortnight off, things have changed significantly and theres also a bit of unpleasant stuff we have to deal with.

As most of you will be aware over the past fortnight the Club received two red cards for separate individuals in East league games. Both incidents were dealt with by the county disciplinary panel and the bans that were subsequently issued will be enforced by the club. Ever since the stats started to be compiled we've tracked how many cards we've had as a club, it has never meant to glorify getting a card, it was always one of those things we did and the two years we've done full season stats recently we've ranked everyone with a card at the bottom of the club, i.e numbers 94-115 not numbers 1-21.

Given the seriousness of two reds in a week I had a difficult few days figuring out how I was going to present this in the stats, I certainly don't want anyone to think RIHC is happy about the situation. At the same time the club should be proud of its overall disciplinary record this season, if you take the reds out of the equation we've had 6 yellows this year in 95 games which is less than one every 15 games which is very good. The club hasn't recieved a red since the 2013/14 season when we were forced to deal with some issues, since then whilst things haven't been perfect they've generally been okay. Effectively this is a long winded way of saying for the time being the cards are going to stay on the stats sheet, we have acknowledged them when some clubs wouldn't, and we are going to learn from the last fortnight as a club. The card section may disappear in the future, mainly due to space requirements, but i thought it would be disingenuous if it went away without comment.

On to better news!!!

Since the last set of stats we've had lots of changes.

Top Scorers is now a 3 way tie on 14
The club is up to 60 different scorers this season which is more than half the club.
Pete Williams scored his first ever league goal this weekend for the Mens 2s, from left back no less.
Keepers has had a bit of a midtable shake up, Phils up to third.
The mens twos have taken over second place in the team chart and the Ladies 2s have jumped over the mens 1s.

There is a fair bit of data missing at the moment, unclaimed Mens 1s Goals is sitting at 17th top scorer, if you have the scorers for Upminster away or Waltham Forrest away please let me know. The appearance data for the Mens and Ladies 1s games is also missing 3 matches each so the ever present award is a little behind. The intent is once we've got through the 17th and most teams have caught up on slip games i'll list the players individually to credit those that have played the most.

Last but not least
Roger scored in indoor, it doesn't count for the stats but i promised i'd give him credit on here.

Click below for the stats.


2017 - 18 Stats Week 17

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