Statistics for Week 18a

Statistics for Week 18a

By Philip Churchman
19 February 2018
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The "it was meant to be a week off" edition

So, this week was meant to be a week off for everyone, unfortunately due to cold weather earlier in the season the Ladies 1s, Mens 1s and Mens 2s all had games. This led to some funky selections on the mens side, congratulations Ben on your first team debut, and welcome Steve to the twos for a week!

This was also the week i could no longer squish the scorers list onto one column so we've lost the cards list and extended the scorers list. We've also added a top 5 ever presents, this will change week in week out as the slip games sort themselves out and the numbers of people playing different numbers of games changes, i'll fit as long a list on as i can in the space i've got.

Fun notes for this week:
1. Ben had his first game for the ones!
2. Jake, Callum and Aneel all got their first goal of the season
3. Ahmed had a week off so Tanya has closed the gap at the top of the scorers list
4. A not great weekend for the defenses means there is a tiny gap bewteen 3 & 5th in the keeper stats.

Finally - The ever present stat is taken from the data that slate collects on who has played what matches, if you have a query on missing matches let me know and we can figure out why you aren't listed.

As normal, click below:


2017 - 18 Stats Week 18a

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