CCL - Premier Division 2019/20 Club Guide

CCL - Premier Division 2019/20 Club Guide

By Charlie Bright
8 June
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Here's a look at the club's in the Combined Counties Premier Division for the forthcoming season.

Abbey Rangers
Formed: 1976
Home ground: Addlestone Moor
Last season: 3rd CCL
Vs the Reds: 0-1/0-3
36 miles/42 mins

Ascot United
Formed: 1965
Nickname: The Yellamen
Home ground: Ascot Racecourse
Last season: 7th Hellenic League
Vs the Reds: N/A
47 miles/57 mins

Badshot Lea
Formed: 1904
Nickname: The Baggies
Home ground: New
Last season: 9th CCL
Vs the Reds: 1-2/1-1
47 miles/56 mins

Formed: 2011
Nickname: The Blazers
Home ground: Wibbandune
Last season: 18th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-3/2-0
37 miles/54 mins

Banstead Athletic
Formed: 1944
Nickname: The A's
Home ground: Merlan Rise
Last season: 8th CCL
Vs the Reds: 0-0/1-3
21 miles/35 mins

Camberely Town
Formed: 1895
Nickname: The Krooners
Home ground: Krooner Park
Last season: 16th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-2/1-1
50 miles/58 mins

CB Hounslow
Formed: 1989
Nickname: The Dragons
Home ground: Green Lane
Last season: 17th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-3/1-3
50 miles/1 hour

Formed: 1892
Nickname: The Hammers
Home ground: Leg O'Mutton Field
Last season: 14th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-1/2-3
32 miles/41 mins

Colliers Wood United
Formed: 1874
Nickname: The Wood
Home ground: Wibbandune
Last season: 13th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-0/3-3
37/ 54 mins

Egham Town
Formed: 1963
Nickname: The Sarnies
Home ground: Runnymede Stadium
Last season: 20th Bostik South Central
Vs the Reds: N/A
41 miles/52 mins

Guildford City
Formed: 1921
Nickname: The Sweeney
Home ground: Spectrum
Last season: 7th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-1/0-1
26 miles/48 mins

Hanworth Villa
Formed: 1976
Nickname: The Villains
Home ground: Rectory Meadow
Last season: 15th CCL
Vs the Reds: 3-2/0-4
44 miles/49 mins

Formed: 1924
Nickname: The Knappers
Home ground: Redding Way
Last season: 11th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-1/1-2
42 miles/57 mins

Formed: 1946
Nickname: The Moles
Home ground: Walton Road
Last season: 19th Bostik South Central
Vs the Reds: N/A
21 miles/38 mins

Raynes Park Vale
Formed: 1995
Nickname: The Vale
Home ground: Prince's George's Fields
Last season: 5th CCL
Vs the Reds: 1-2/0-1
27 miles/52 mins

Formed: 1958
Nickname: The Sheers
Home ground: Kingfield Stadium
Last season: 1st CCL Div 1
Vs the Reds: N/A
40 miles/51 mins

Formed: 1871
Home ground: Robert Parker Stadium
Last season: 4th CCL
Vs the Reds: 1-4/0-1
44 miles/52 mins

Spelthorne Sports
Formed: 1922
Nickname: The Spelly
Home ground: Spelthorne Sports Club
Last season: 6th CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-1/0-1
44 miles/50 mins

Sutton Common Rovers
Formed: 1978
Nickname: SCR
Home ground: Gander Green Lane
Last season: 2nd CCL
Vs the Reds: 2-2/2-0
24 miles/41 mins

*Journey times may vary

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