Sat 26
Ladies 1st XI
Leighton Buzzard 2
Ladies 1s give a very memorable performance being 1 player down

Ladies 1s give a very memorable performance being 1 player down

By Jessica Martin
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By DOTD Kate Zamburlin

The Ricky side seemed doomed even before the match with brunches, meetings and illness plaguing the Rickmansworth ladies by taking out Georgie, Laura, Emily, Tess and Ellie.

Regardless, our fearless ten man side was determined to fight until the very end. We sure did. Leighton Buzzard did not know we were a disadvantaged side one woman down until half time which is testament to Bernice’s fierce defending and Amy’s determination to mark her player at all costs.

35 minutes down and we trailed by 1-0 but hopeful to even the scores in the second half. With some great passing from Jess we attacked boldly without a centre forward and earnt a few short corners which sadly we did not manage to convert.

Despite being awarded player (yay) a dreadful back pass from myself (kate) also earnt donkey, and some expressed frustration occurred but we played extremely well and can be assured that a full force Ricky side could of snatched the win.

A 1-0 loss with a 10 man side (and spectators being unaware of our disadvatange) is a testiment to the great play and team spirit of the Ladies 1s so far this season. Onto the next match where we take on our local side, West Herts, and if the pattern continues - WLWLWL - we should be coming home with 3 points.

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Match date

Sat 26, Oct 2019




Division One

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Leighton Buzzard 2
Rickmansworth 1