Sat 02
West Herts 4
Ladies 1st XI
Ladies 1s on top in local Derby with 3-0 win

Ladies 1s on top in local Derby with 3-0 win

By Jessica Martin
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By DOTD Laura Chesterman

Ladies 1 give a strong second half performance to take a wet and windy 3-0 victory.

For many of us being dragged away from watching the rugby instead to play hockey in the most wet and windy conditions was not an ideal Saturday morning (luckily didn’t miss too much with England losing the rugby....) Nevertheless spirits remained high with commitment to follow our win lose pattern to make this a win.

The first half saw our forwards (myself included) becoming frustrated at closely missing shots on goal mine bouncing off the post and Emily closely missing on a dive by the post. We even had Bernice running up from defence to have a go at goal on the shorts. The rain became even stronger making it a slightly blurry pitch for those with contact lenses (georgie?).

By half time we were 0-0 knowing that with the number of shots on goal we should be in the lead. Determined to win this we came out strong in the second half. Within a few minutes Emily had slipped a goal in. Soon after followed Georgie hitting a clean strike off the short corner.

After a stronger second half with our defence and mids remaining solid we managed to get a 3-0 win against our local rival. Georgie was awarded player for her persistent tackles and clean strike on goal. I was awarded donkey (even voting myself) for a silly hit off the pitch and about 3 of us all trying to go for goal at once?

Let’s break the pattern this week to get another win!!

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Sat 02, Nov 2019




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Rickmansworth 1
West Herts 4