Sat 01
Ladies 2nd XI
Blueharts 5
Ladies 2s kept the fight up to secure 3 points at home

Ladies 2s kept the fight up to secure 3 points at home

By Jessica Martin
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By DOTD Sara Lowe

Rickmansworth 2 v Blueharts 5, a home game but due to traffic problems encountered by Blueharts they arrived late so we had a bit of a rush start in order to get done in time.

Beth scored quickly putting us in a good position but at a short corner Blueharts equalised, we weren't put off by that nor the strong wind that suddenly caused the goal to collapse and at half time the score was 2-1 after a further goal from Andrea. Despite several short corners to Rickmansworth's advantage we couldn't quite get the momentum going and Blueharts scored again with a high shot from a short corner, we did try to argue this as it hadn't hit the back board but umpires decision was that it had been deflected off a Ricky stick and then the shot was taken, so the goal was allowed.

That seemed to spur us on and further goals came from Beth, Katie x 2 and Sophie, finishing in a 6-3 win for Rickmansworth after Blueharts again scored from a short corner. In the final two minutes a Blueharts player had a free run on goal and took the shot, I remember thinking I must use my feet not my stick to save them and I ended up doing the splits but I somehow actually saved the goal, awarding me player of the match as well as donkey.

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Sat 01, Feb 2020




Division 3

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Rickmansworth 2
Blueharts 5