Extra Time: Walking Football - Rotherfield Walking Football Club

By Steve Cannan
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Welcome to Rotherfield Walking Football Club! Extra Time captures the spirit of Rotherfield Walking Football club.  A friendly group of people who despite their ages continue to play football with a mixture of skill, fun and care for others.  It is a visual record of the people involved in making the club run so well. In the video, some players give their reasons for their participation in the club and the benefits they have found which would be echoed by others. It is intended for family and friends everywhere. --- ABOUT THE CLUB ---- We meet every Monday at 6.30pm and every Wednesday at 10.30 am at Bishopswood Sports Ground. The cost is £3.00 per session. session. We aim to make the sessions active, fun and safe. The club is run by the group and we offer: - A marked out pitch for WF which can vary in position and size - Friendly, active sessions where participants take it at their own pace - A programme of regular social events As well as weekly sessions we arrange friendly games against other clubs and enter tournaments. Participation in these is entirely voluntary. We are sponsored by Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre and supported by Sonning Common Health Centre. For more details contact Ian at ian.massey28@gmail.com or Martin at sunshinetowers@hotmail.com Or just come along to: Bishopswood Sports Ground Horsepond Road Gallowstree Common Oxfordshire RG4 9BT --- PLAYING GUIDELINES --- These were drawn up by the group based on FA guidance: 1) We use FA guidance that defines walking as 'always having at least one foot in contact with the ground'. 2) Minimum contact ie no sliding tackles or tackles from behind. Shoulder to shoulder leaning is ok but no overuse of upper body by barging another player. 3) For kickoffs/kick ins / free kicks all players (except the kicker) should be at least 3 metres from the ball. 4) Keeper not allowed outside of the penalty area. When the goalkeeper passes the ball ( with hands and feet) he can receive it back but cannot pick it up. (This ruling does vary in tournaments). 5) If the goalkeeper deflects a shot and it goes above head height then play continues. 6) If an outfield player kicks or deflects a ball and it goes above head height (6 feet) then an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition. 7) An INDIRECT free kick is awarded for running. ( The FA suggest a direct freekick but is not common practice). 8) A penalty kick is awarded if a defender enters his team's penalty area. The exception to this is if the player's momentum carries him into the area accidentally and they are not seeking to gain an advantage. 9) If an attacking player enters the opposing team's penalty area an indirect free kick is awarded ( regardless of momentum). 10) A maximum of 1 step up is permitted when taking penalty kicks. The kick should be taken from 6 metres from the goal line. ( At the moment our penalty area extends 4 metres from the goal line).


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