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2. Roundhegians Badminton Club

Roundhegians Badminton Club

Roundhegians badminton club is a well established club situated in Chelwood Drive, off Street Lane, Leeds 8. We have 2 purpose built wooden sprung floor badminton courts in a large hall. Club nights are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 p.m. onwards. (Sunday nights are mainly for the more accomplished players and league players and feather shuttles are used). The other 3 nights are mixed ability players and plastic feathers are used. Clubs nights operate all year round. When the courts are not being utilised on club nights or for league matches, members can book courts for their own use for practice sessions or social play. Social and league are all welcome.

Each year, 5 mixed teams ranging from 1st to 5th division are entered in the Leeds and District Badminton league. Feather shuttles are used in the league matches. We also have 2 ladies teams and 2 mens teams which are run separately by individual club members.

A Junior section is run on Saturday mornings and is divided into 3 sessions, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

If you are interested in joining the badminton club please contact John or Judith Miller email address: -

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