RHC CC - Covid-19 Training FAQs

RHC CC - Covid-19 Training FAQs

By Thomas Pickles
30 June
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As we return to cricket activity, please see the following frequently asked questions to help members feel safe when using our facilities.

This is to support our COVID-19 Training Guidelines which must be read before any sessions.

Follow all COVID-19 guidelines established by the Scottish Government here.
Follow all COVID-19 guidelines established by Cricket Scotland here.

Q. What cricket training am I allowed to do?

A. At the moment, we are in Phase Two of Cricket Scotland’s route map back to cricket activity . This means you can take part in outdoor activity with very small groups, maintaining social distancing.

Training as we would know it, has not yet returned, but individuals can use the net and outfield at Barnton with members of two other households maximum. There is also a maximum of eight people total in any group.

In order to use the net or the outfield, you must book your session using our online booking system: https://rhccricketbooking.skedda.com/booking


Q. Is Junior Cricket re-starting in Phase 2?

A. Unfortunately, due to the very tight restrictions on group size and equipment sharing, Junior Cricket is not able to re-start in Phase 2. We hope this will return towards the end of July or into August and will communicate this directly.

Families may book the facilities for usage in the same way that any other member can, but they must bring their own equipment and balls.


Q. What do I do to book a net or the outfield? What am I booking?

A. Per current guidance, we can only operate one of our two nets. The lane in use is the left-hand net, closest to the square. The outfield is divided into two halves, so two groups can use the outfield at the same time should they wish.

Bookings are made using our new online system: https://rhccricketbooking.skedda.com/booking. In order to do this, members must register through the site, providing an email address and mobile phone number.

You can book use of the net or the outfield in one hour slots. This is the maximum time that they can be used per day as per current guidance.

Q. Why do I now need to book, I never have before?

A. The booking system is recommended by Cricket Scotland. It has two important functions. Firstly, it allows us to ensure we have the correct number of people on site at any one time. More importantly, it allows us to carry out a robust Track and Trace system should we need to. As such, it is very important that details for all players who train together are logged.

Q. Can I book on behalf of other people?

A. Yes, you can, up to the maximum allowed in the guidance. However, please book them in with the relevant contact details, so we can get in touch with them directly if we need to.

Q. Do members of the same household each need to book?

A. No, they do not. It is preferred if they do, so we can get an accurate representation of numbers. But, if you do not book them their own slot, please make it clear in the note section of the booking form that another member of your household will be attending.

Q. Is there a cost for making a booking?

A. No, there is no cost incurred. Bookings may only be made by club members, and as such, costs are covered by membership fees, which will be communicated separately.

Q. Can non-members book?

A. Non-members can only book if they are attending with a current member. The non-member must book themselves in and provide all relevant contact information just as anyone else must.

Q. I can’t get the booking system to work, who can help?

A. For any questions on the booking system, please contact Rex Hugill (07825 389 471)


Please familiarise yourself with the guidance provided by Cricket Scotland here: http://www.cricketscotland.com/covid-19-return-to-cricket/

Q. What equipment do I need? What will be provided?

A. As per current guidance, you must use your own equipment, the club cannot lend you equipment for a session. This includes using your own ball. The only exception to this is stumps, which will be set up for you in the net when you arrive.

The club is willing to lend some equipment on a longer-term basis – effectively until the end of the season. This should be arranged with Rex, Rob Clarkson or Caleb Whitefoord. You will become responsible for this equipment and would be liable for the cost of replacing it should it be damaged or lost.

Should you wish to purchase any equipment, we would recommend the Gray-Nicolls Club Shop.

Q. What about fielding? Can we do that?

A. At the moment, a fielding session with members of different households is very difficult to organise safely. We would discourage members from doing this. However, it would be possible should you ensure that you each do the fielding with your own ball, and you partner(s) never pick up someone else ball.

Should you have any questions on how to safely run a fielding drill, please contact, Rex, Rob or Caleb.

Q. How should we finish our sessions? Do we need to pack the stumps away and lock up?

A. Please finish your session with enough time to pack everything up and leave before the next booking begins. We would recommend finishing playing 10 minutes before the end of your slot.

Please ensure that all of your own equipment is packed away. Please do not touch the stumps or lock the gates. Designated members of the club will ensure this is all done safely and in line with guidance.

Please leave promptly and keeping an awareness of social distancing.

Q. Can we access any of the club equipment (e.g. cones, bowling machine, training aids)

A. No – at this stage, no other club equipment is accessible. The exception to this rule is if you are having a 1-2-1 coaching session as per the guidance below.


At the moment, due to the restrictions on numbers and equipment, the club has decided that formal coaching sessions for teams are too difficult to run. As such, we would encourage members to play in uncoached sessions.

Q. I really want to be coached, what should I do?

A. Coaching sessions can be arranged on a 1-2-1 basis if absolutely necessary. This would be organised through Rex. These sessions would need to be arranged directly, using the booking system and carried out in accordance with Cricket Scotland guidance.

These sessions would incur additional cost, which would be organised directly between the participant and the coach.


Q. What else is open? Can I use the toilets or changing rooms?

A. At this point, only the car park, the net and the outfield are accessible. This is non-negotiable and very important for us to stick to as part of the re-opening process.

Any members seen using the clubhouse, toilets, changing rooms or any other indoor facility will be very strongly disciplined.

Q. Will there be hand sanitizer available on site?

A. Yes – Hand Sanitizer will be on site, along with cloths to wipe down anything down if needed. Should the supply of sanitizer be running low, please contact Rex or Rob.

We would recommend also arriving with your own hand sanitizer in case the club supply is low. Please take responsibility for you own hygiene.

Should you have any other specific questions about the return to cricket process, please get in touch with the club on cricketrhc@gmail.com or Rex, Rob or Caleb.

We appreciate your co-operation in this process and hope you will be patient as we work out all of the necessary safety systems to allow us to return to play.

More information about larger group training, competitive cricket and junior cricket will be circulated soon. To make sure you don’t miss an update, make sure to follow the club on Facebook and Twitter

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