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2. Getting started

Signing up

Once you have made the decision to join our club, your section’s club captain can help walk you through sign-up through the app, Pitchero Club, and England Hockey players’ registration site. Alternatively, email membersadmin@salisburyhockeyclub.co.uk for the steps to complete

What to bring - your training kit

For hockey training, you’ll need:
- a hockey stick**
- a mouthguard
- shin pads
- a pair of trainers with good grip (but not studded)
- sports clothing
- a bottle of water

**Hockey sticks - if it’s your first time playing hockey and you aren’t sure if want to invest in your own stick just yet, we have a number of hockey sticks available to borrow during your first couple of training sessions.

Once you are ready to buy your own stick, there are lots of suppliers and shops to browse where you can find the right one for you - there’s a big range in price and quality. Be sure to check the size guides on any website to get the right length stick. And ask for tips and advice from other players when at training too.

TK Hockey supplies all of Salisbury Hockey Club’s kit - you can check out what sticks they have in stock on their website: tkhockey.co.uk

Check out the new joiners’ information pack for more key information