Subscription and Match Fees 1 of 3

1. Match Fees

Match fees are payable by each player and will be collected by the team captain, or deputy, after each game. The fees are;

  • Seniors - £9 for the first game of the weekend and £5 for subsequent games
  • Ad-Hoc Seniors (aka on Pitchero as Social membership) - £15 per game (and no subs) for no more than 5 games and no access to training
  • Juniors - £5 for all games

For those who drive three or more players (including themselves) to an away game, petrol expenses will be reimbursed at 25p per mile. This will be calculated from the agreed meeting point (normally the club house but this may differ from time to time) or the driver's home, whichever is closer to the destination) to the opposition pitch and back to the meet point.

In certain circumstances, there may be less total miles travelled if two players travel to an away game rather than seek to take a third. On these occasions, and if the other drivers agree, the total petrol expenses, calculated for cars carrying three players, can be split with the extra car.

Covid related clarification on fuel reimbursement

We respect the right of the individual to decide whether they wish to travel with others to a game or to travel separately. If the individual chooses to travel separately then we do not want the cost of fuel to restrict that person’s availability. For this reason the club will relax its rules on reimbursing for fuel costs and to allow players who travel separately to claim for fuel. This would be claimed at 25p per mile for the distance from their home to the game or from the sports club to the game, whichever is less.

As this will adversely impact club income, we would like to encourage drivers, who take less than two other players, to only claim for fuel if entirely necessary.