By Sally Creegan
24 March
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MARCH 2020

The club committee are busy trying to sort out the implications of effectively being closed down. At present we have no indication of time scale, but we want to reassure you that the club continues to operate behind the scenes.

Our priority is the welfare of our players, coaches and their families.
The club want you all to stay fit and well, and be ready for when football returns.

Amendments to junior subscriptions as follows:
The club is uncertain when football will resume and we appreciate you are currently paying subs while there is no training or games. The majority of our overheads are constant and will remain even though the season has come to an abrupt end.

Our fees are based on 12 monthly equal payments, so there would be a dramatic loss of income if standing orders are cancelled. However, we understand if some of you feel the need to stop your payments, and appreciate the financial difficulties that may be occurring within our community.

The club's suggestion is that parents reduce their standing order to £5 a month.
This would help address some of our overheads .
As your payment is a standing order and not a direct debit, the club has no access to your account and can not make the amendment for you.

These are challenging times for everyone, and we hope football will be back as soon as possible.

Stay staff everyone.

If you need anymore information please email:

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