Fund Raising - July Update

Fund Raising - July Update

By Dunkan Armstrong
19 July
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Fund Raising - July Update

Quiz Night - 21 June
Thanks to Jamie, John and Craig for organising a very succesful and enjoyable Quiz Night. Great fun and lots of prizes! The event raised £720 for tour funds and will be fund-matched by £500. A fantastic effort by all!

STS Bake Sale
Our fabulous cake table at the Edinburgh STS tournament was a great initiative and earned the tour fund £315. Thanks to all who contributed by baking and manning the stall.

Our Sunday bake table will return this Sunday (21st) and the very popular bacon roll morning will be back on 3 August. Thank you to those for offering to supply and serve our players and families!

£50 player fund raising
A big well done and thank you to a few more players on raising their £50.
Rory Grant - who donated wages from working in the Boardwalk cafe as well as his school Modern Studies prize money.
Lisa Marie Smith - who has run an online raffle
Isla and Sandy Jamieson - who ran an event in their local church hall

Can I now encourage all other players to take up the challenge and raise their £50. It is an opportunity for all players to feel that they have personally contributed to the tour fund as well as potentially raising £3000 for the tour!
Please hand any money raised to Caroline Bald, our treasurer, and let us know what you have done to raise your funds.

Fund Matching
Fund matching is a great way to attract additional funds for our tour. If anyone is keen to learn more about fund matching, or requires an official letter from the club to secure the funds then please speak with our treasurer, Caroline.

27 sleeps until departure!!


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