Sun 07
D Longden (8), H Robinson (6), L Talbot (8), C Green (4), J Standerline (2), A Oldridge (7), A Taylor (4), E Milner (2), J Murr (3), A Wilson (2), W Horner (4), C Wilkinson
Win 4 draw 1 lose 1

Win 4 draw 1 lose 1

By Tony Wilkinson
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Scunthorpe are able to field two sides and lots of rugby played at Selby

Scunthorpe were fortunate enough to be able to field two sides due to an influx of new players over the summer which have only gone on to improve what was already a decent side. Scunthorpe split the teams evenly in experience and new and Scunthorpe Rhinos and Scunthorpe Crusaders were created.
Training had been performed and it seemed like an age before the first game however, game day had arrived and Scunthorpe were on their travels to Selby a new opponent from last year.
Game 1 Scunthorpe Crusaders vs Selby A
Scunthorpe lined up against Selby and seemed still half asleep and this showed as Selby raced into a two try lead, Scunthorpe suddenly jolted into life and Lewis Talbot brought Scunthorpe back into it, unfortunately Scunthorpe were two tries down and they were defending desperately but as the referee allowed limitless tags the Scunthorpe side were unable to force the turnover, and Selby scored again making the score 3-1. Scunthorpe came back through Lewis Talbot again and then managed to level following a good try by Daniel Longden.
Scunthorpe again were defending better and were trying their hardest to force the turnover however Selby remained strong if not a little aggressive at times, pushing and shoving their way through. Scunthorpe continued to trade tries with Selby with further scores coming from Talbot securing his hat trick, Harry Robinson and Longden. Selby had the last say as they scored the final try and took the game 7-6. Scunthorpe were blatantly aware they needed to start quicker in the next game.
Game 2 Scunthorpe Crusaders vs Selby B
Scunthorpe did start quicker fast runners Robinson, Talbot and Longden were the first scorers however Selby matched them try for try and the score was 3-3, Green and Talbot grabbed another try just before half time and Scunthorpe lead 5-3.
Selby scored from kick off but this time it was they who couldn’t force the turnover, a fantastic run by Harry Soulby with Selby seemingly worried to go in and get his tags set up a try for Talbot, and some sterling work in defence by Luckasz Grabz, Talbot and Green kept Selby at bay, Robinson scored two more, to secure his hat trick Green weighed in with 2 more and Jack Gardener scored his first for Scunthorpe (also having a fantastic game in defence), and Longden finishing with a massive 4 tries meant Scunthorpe ran out 12-11 winners.
Game 3 Scunthorpe Crusaders vs Selby B
A shortened game was played and Scunthorpe again improved on their last two games, seemingly now happy to defend and attack, support play throughout was good and offloads coming out of the tag also being performed well, a monumental effort in defence by both Green and Talbot kept the ball turning over as the referee was now playing a 7 tag turnover, Talbot again weighed in with 3 tries with many coming from distance and beating several players, Talbot being one of the few players to be able to take the ball on whilst running. Green and Longden added 2 more each with Gardener following up his first score with a second in the next game Robinson showed a fantastic turn of pace to score both his tries in the corners out pacing his opposite number, Scunthorpe’s best display of the day with a 10-7 win recorded
Scunthorpe Rhino’s vs Selby B
Scunthorpe started with the Ball and William Horner scored straight from the kick off to score a try in a few seconds, Alfie Oldridge extended Scunthorpes lead with a long arcing run, before Selby pulled one back. Jack Murr scored on his debut with a run to the corner, and Oldridge extended the lead with his second, Selby managed to pull one back just on the stroke of half time.
Scunthorpe were starting to pressure their opponents with their defence and with Selby unable to progress mistakes started to creep in, Emily Milner took a decent pass and ran the ball in for her first try. Alfie Taylor picked up where he left off last year with a decent score, Selby again managed to pull one back with a strong run through the Scunthorpe defence, before Joseph Bingham scored on his debut in the corner, William Ogg then scored a quick brace after coming on at half time inter spaced with another try for Oldridge, Selby had the last say with the final score on the full time whistle working the ball all the way from their own line. Final score 9-4 in scunthorpe’s favour.
Scunthorpe Rhino’s vs Selby A
Scunthorpe appeared a bit hesitant and slow and forming their defensive line which Selby capitalised on a few occasions throughout the game, William Horner again starting the scoring with a good weaving run, Taylor followed up with a second , before the defensive problems started, and Selby were simply quicker at resetting than Scunthorpe running in two unanswered tries.
Taylor grabbed his second with Selby levelling from the next kick off, Taylor and Oldridge restored Scunthorpe’s 2 try lead, before Selby hit back with a try on half time score 5-4.
Scunthorpe managed to turn the ball over forcing the player into touch which Jack Murr capitalised on dragging the Selby player who was pulling him back by his shirt along with him., Scunthorpe scored again through Oldridge, Selby hitting back soon after, Scunthorpe then traded tries with Selby with Scunthorpes coming through Taylor, Oldridge and Horner.
A decent game but Scunthorpe were a little slow in returning to the defensive line giving Selby the chance to run at the large open spaces, however, in attack there aren’t many sides thatcould live with Scunthorpe.
Scunthorpe Rhino’s vs Selby A
The second game was a close affair with Scunthorpe again trading tries with Selby and lead changing hands 3 times, Scunthorpe’s attack out shone their defence and the support play they were able to show in recycling the ball was outsanding, Charley Wilkinson grabbed his first try of the season grounding the ball after supporting Alfie Taylor. Selby then levelled, Joseph Bingham then took the ball on and a strong run ended in a good try. Selby again levelled and then took the lead on the stroke of half time meaning this Scunthorpe side were behind for the first time and a strong test of character was needed as Selby were starting with the ball. Selby duly extended their lead to 4-2 before Emily stayed strong to run the ball in going over rather than round her opposite player. Selby again extended their lead before Horner went on a long run using his good pace to score, Selby again extended their lead to the two tries, Scunthorpe were running out of time and Jack Murr scored a try in the corner , with the last play Scunthorpe managed to turn the ball over and Horner grabbed another try to level the scores on the stroke of full time
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