Sun 28
C Green (2), D Longden (2), D Salvatore-Chapman (2), J Murr (3), L Talbot (3), A Oldridge, A Taylor (2), E Milner, W Horner (3)
Doncaster vs Scunthorpe u8's

Doncaster vs Scunthorpe u8's

By Tony Wilkinson
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Scunthorpe go to the impressive Championship surroundings and return victorious

Scunthorpe made the short journey to local rivals Doncaster Knights, and there hugely impressive championship standard surroundings. Doncaster seemed eerily quiet in the vast space of Castle Park.
Scunthorpe had the knowledge that other sides had named Doncaster as one of the best sides they had come up against and a good days Rugby ensued.
Scunthorpe kicked off against a determined Doncaster side whose tagging ability was clear to see, and Scunthorpe would have to be at their best to overcome a stiff challenge, Longden opened the scoring with a great run through the heart of the defence, Scunthorpe then forced a turnover successfully defending their line for 6 tags, good efforts coming from Harry Soulby.
Doncaster then got themselves on the score sheet with a well worked try before Scunthorpe’s common fault of going into touch came back into play and Doncaster levelled the scores, Chris Green was next on the score sheet outpacing the defence to score in the corner. Doncaster came straight back and equalised again.
Jack Murr made a brief entrance for Dante Salvatore Chapman, and soon announced himself by running straight through the middle and scoring with his first touch, Murr then left the field for Dante who returned to action. The half time whistle blew and Scunthorpe led 4-3.
Doncaster were to start with the ball, however a loose pass went to ground and the ball was turned over The ball was passed to Dante Salvatore Chapman who weaved his way through the defence and outpaced the rest to score, Scunthorpe were now well on the up and managed to force another turnover as a ball went to ground Green was the first to the ball and the referee played a good advantage and Green sprinted in to score his second.
Lewis Talbot was next scoring a quick fire brace inter spaced with a Doncaster try, the first Talbot taking the defence one way before stepping and taking himself the opposite direction and running in the second benefitting from excellent work by Harry Robinson to score Doncaster managed to pull one more back but it was Scunthorpe who had the last say through Salvatore Chapman following a third turnover through the tagging ability leaving the final score of 10-5. Credit must go to the Doncaster referee who allowed a free flowing game of rugby for both sides

Scunthorpe’s second game was definitely a tale of two halves, Doncaster scored from the kick off and William Horner replied with a trademark elusive run, Doncaster scored two more before Jack Murr reduced the deficit to leave the half time score 4-2.
The second half couldn't of been more different as Scunthorpe set about their task, William Horner scoring first again remaining elusive as ever, Doncaster restored their two try lead but this was to be their last try, as Scunthorpe jolted into action, Emily Milner scored in the corner, before Alfie Taylor avoided the taggers who seemed to go for the ball rather than the tag, undeterred Taylor continued to run. Scunthorpe then forced a turnover before Doncaster could score and William Horner bagged his hat trick with a try coming from distance.
Taylor bagged his second taking a great pass from Joseph Bingham who had obviously listened to the coaches and passed before the tag to release Taylor to score the try. William Ogg then scored a long range effort, running through the heart of the defence, despite several attempts to take the tag none were successful and Ogg ran in.
Alfie Oldridge then capitalised on a Doncaster mistake running in from distance being the first to re-act the advantage rule was played and Oldridge managed to outpace the defence.
The last try went to Jack Murr who outpaced the taggers to score in the corner leaving the final score 10-5
A fantastic afternoon rugby in superb surroundings, special credit to Doncaster who put up a very valiant fight but met a Scunthorpe side not many others could've lived with. Scunthorpe didn't seem to tire but in fact improved as the day went on.

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