Sun 18
A Oldridge (3), A Taylor (4), J Murr (7), C Green (2), D Longden (7), D Salvatore-Chapman, H Robinson (2), L Talbot (9), L Grabz (3), W Horner (3), C Wilkinson, J Standerline, A Wilson (3)
Sheffield U8's vs Scunthorpe U8's

Sheffield U8's vs Scunthorpe U8's

By Tony Wilkinson
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In the city of steel, Sheffield are put to the sword..

Scunthorpe made one of their longest trips of the year to the depths of Yorkshire to play Sheffield and having played them previously towards the end of last season in what was a very close affair everyone knew a good days rugby was to be had.
Sheffield outnumbered Scunthorpe in bodies but yet again Scunthorpe were greeted by swelled numbers enabling 2 sides to play simultaneously.
Game 1 Crusaders vs Sheffield A
Crusaders were well up for this game and this showed as Sheffield struggle to live with the ferocious defence displayed by Scunthorpe, Sheffield who were vocal in their defence failed to rattle the Scunthorpe players, Scunthorpe turned over the Sheffield side at will and by half time the game was almost over with the score being 8-4 in Scunthorpe’s favour, scores coming from Harry Robinson, Daniel Longden x 2, William Horner x 2, Lewis Talbot x 2 and Luckasz Grab.
The second half was a tighter affair as Sheffield upped their game and came at the Scunthorpe side with gusto to try and reduce the arrears, Scunthorpe though were to remain strong and went on to close the game out with further scores coming from Longden and Talbot both securing hat tricks, Grab and the pick of the bunch coming through Chris Green as Grab threw a looping pass to Green who gratefully received the pass to touch down. The final score being 12-8 in Scunthorpe’s favour.
Game 2 Rhino’s vs Sheffield B
Rhino’s won the toss and started with the ball and went out to score their first try from the kick off through Jack Murr, however, Scunthorpe were not able to impose themselves on Sheffield who remained strong and shared the tries with Scunthorpe, what had become noticeable was that Scunthorpe were starting to tag better as the first half went on the first half finishing 4-4 Scunthorpe’s further scores coming from Alfie Taylor x 2 and William Ogg.
Sheffield and Scunthorpe again traded tries with Sheffield wth Scunthorpe’s coming from Alfie Oldridge, from this point on Scunthorpe defence stepped up another gear and They managed to turn Sheffield over a total of 5 times all of which lead to a Scunthorpe try, Sheffield although with their own good strong runners couldn’t live with Scunthorpe who were taking tags and defending their line with everything Scunthorpes further 5 tries coming from Murr x 3 who finished with 4, Taylor securing another hat-trick and Ogg. Final score 10-8 in Scunthorpe’s favour.
Game 3 Crusaders vs Sheffield B
Following a quick break Crusaders set about the Sheffield B side and posted a record number of tries scored in what was a high scoring game. Scunthorpe continued where they left on in their previous game and defended with aggression, racing into a 6-1 lead with Scunthorpe scores coming through Green, Longden who secured a first half hat-trick, Dante Salvatore-Chapman and Lewis Talbot from this point Scunthorpe seemed to be pegged back as Sheffield started to attack space and work the ball to their advantage scoring 4 unanswered tries. Talbot went on one of his trademark speedy runs to score to leave the half tme score 7-5 to Scunthorpe.
Scunthorpe were not going to fall to the same fate again as they traded the first two tries with Sheffield through Talbot and Horner, there was then a momentum shift and Scunthorpe seemed to sense this as Talbot was now creating havoc in the Sheffield defence scoring two more tries to extend Scunthorpe’s lead to 4. Sheffield scored a quick try but the momentum shift was now fully complete as Scunthorpe defended, turned over, and pounced on every mistake Sheffield made to run in 5 more tries through Talbot x2 who scored a Scunthorpe best 6 tries, Longden, Harry Robinson and Grab. A fantastic effort from all but a monumental effort from Harry Soulby who also walked away with the tagger of the week for his efforts. Sheffield finished the scoring with the final play leaving the score a record 15-9.
Game 4 Scunthorpe Rhinos vs Sheffield A
Scunthorpe faced a very vocal Sheffield side which seemed to unnerve Scunthorpe slightly to begin with, The rhinos soon got back into their stride, as after a series of tries from both sides Scunthorpe began to turn the ball over, and were doing some good work on the floor pouncing on spilled balls, the game also became physical with many players going to ground with some good aggressive tackling, what was pleasing to see was that Scunthorpe didn't seem to mind this and continued to play to their strengths. A high scoring half which finished 8-5 in Scunthorpe’s favour, Scunthorpe’s tries coming through Murr x 3, Charley Wilkinson, Joseph Bingham, Oldridge x 2 and Taylor.
In what was a low scoring second half by comparison but some excellent defence on show from both sides forcing some handling errors. Scunthorpe ran in a further 3 tries which was met by Sheffield Scunthorpe's scorers were Bingham x 2 and Jack Gardener. Final Score 11-8 in Scunthorpe’s favour.
A more than pleasing display of excellent defence and good attacking play show how much Scunthorpe are improving week on week.
Player of the week went to Charley Wilkinson for an all-round, physical display.
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