Sun 10
A Taylor (2), C Green (6), D Longden (5), E Milner (2), J Kreamer (2), A Wilson (2), L Talbot (2), L Grabz, W Horner (2)
Cold Cold Day as Crusaders slay the Knights

Cold Cold Day as Crusaders slay the Knights

By Tony Wilkinson
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Cumulative score over 2 games

Scunthorpe U8’s vs Doncaster U8’s.
Following a bout of cancelled games due to the weather conditions being unplayable, Scunthorpe were looking forward to a long awaited home game, the weather however was shockingly bad as Mother Nature decided it was to be a weekend of rain, icy cold wind and generally rubbish conditions to do anything with, several of the Scunthorpe players succumbed to Jack Frost nipping at their fingers.
Game 1.
Scunthorpe won the toss and after a good run by Alfie Taylor he passed to Longden who poached his first try. Scunthorpe struggled in defence with a combination of the weather and lack of competition in recent weeks playing toll and Doncaster matched Scunthorpe’s try scoring feats in the first half. Joe Bingham, William Horner, Emily Milner and Daniel Longden scoring a first half hat-trick. The half time score being 6-6.
Scunthorpe made a few changes giving the players opportunity to get warm, Chris Green opened the scoring in the first half with a strong run. Scunthorpe started to tag better cutting down the space as worked on in training and moving forward to meet the defence, this showed as Scunthorpe seized on a loose ball, Emily Milner picking up on the loose ball and going on a barnstorming run….unfortunately it was the wrong way and Emily went to ground the ball over her own try line, the ball was collected by Lewis Talbot who went on a mazy run through the fragmented defence and scored a try.
Scunthorpe continued the assault on the Doncaster line Green grabbing his second after a good run by Dante Salvatore Chapman. Talbot grabbed a second with a strong run, and Alfie Taylor scored a with run somehow shielding his tags from the defence without using his hands or the ball.
Final score 11-8 in Scunthorpe’s favour.
Game 2.
Scunthorpe again won the toss and started with a try through Green, again they shared tries but defence was much more consistent with lots of tags being taken prior to the try, it would only be a matter of time before the turnovers came. Jake Kreamer scored straight from kick off taking the ball straight down the middle. The turnover then came with 6 tags being taken and Green took the ball on following a good run by Harry Robinson to score again. It was Green again who took a pass from Charley Wilkinson on the outside and ran in for a quick fired hat-trick. William Horner showed his pace to score in the corner at half time leaving the score 5-3.
Kreamer was well into his stride having one of his best days tagging and scoring tries it was again he who scored the first try of the second half, and followed this up with a pass to Emily who took the ball on at pace to allow her to score.
Longden came on and received a pass from Wilkinson on the right hand wing and worked his way through a narrow channel to score. Doncaster were now suffering from the cold and the ball spilled forward as Scunthorpe seized on the loose pass, Luckasz Grab stopped with the ball in hand and waited for the ref to say play on he then took off and outpaced the defence to score .
Bingham was next to score taking a direct route through the middle, before Alfie Taylor showed his dance moves by swivelling his hips one way then the next to score. Longden rounded of the scoring as Talbot unselfishly passed instead of running the ball in giving Longden a good score.
Final Score 12-6
Lots of positives on a very cold day offloading before the tag and support play being outstanding from all.
Player of the day went to Daniel Longden and Tagger to Jake Kreamer.
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Sun 10, Feb 2013