Sun 13
Goole (A) / Doncaster
Team Spirit Building in the Under 8s

Team Spirit Building in the Under 8s

By charlie atkinson
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Team Spirit Building in the Under 8s

Team Spirit Building in the Under 8s
The Greens Under 8s travelled to Goole for their most recent game of the season to play against the hosts and Doncaster in another triangular fixture which seem to work pretty well. The weather had its own ideas though as it was foul all day but the lads gave 100% so enjoying themselves in the wet conditions, and also coming away with the spoils. We played 3 games, winning 2 and drawing 1.
Game 1: Doncaster 8 – 9 Scunthorpe
We approached it a bit differently this week giving lads a full game to begin with rather than a half each so the team that played Donny first up were Jack Bayley, Matthew, Thomas Giles, Dylan, Dan, Declan and Owen. Everyone made at least one tag by putting pressure on the opposition forcing them back time after time. This allowed 4 of the lads to get on the score sheet being Jack - 2, Thomas – 2 , Dan - 4 and Declan – 1. A great start to the day. There was only one time we lost the ball by running into touch so lessons had been learned from the previous few weeks.
Game 2: Goole 4 – 4 Scunthorpe
The lads that played this game were Maxx, George, Thomas Batley, Fin, Jack Barnard and Liam. A close game as defence was key for both teams. All lads again made at least one tag each and the tries came from George – 3 and Liam – 1. We were to be denied a W as we thought we had scored a legitimate try only to be told the ball was grounded just short and Fin nearly squeezed over at the end but it wasn’t to be and a draw was probably a fair result against a well drilled team we knew from last season.
There was still time for another game so we played Doncaster again.
Game 3: Doncaster 8 – 11 Scunthorpe
Team one played the first half and team two played the second half. Team one won the first half 5 – 2. Tries came from Thomas Giles – 2 and Dan, Dylan and Owen one each. Team two drew the second half 6 all. Tries came from Liam – 3 and George, Fin and Thomas Batley one each. The lasting memory from this game was Dylan scoring his best try ever in a green shirt by stepping a couple of defenders then scorching up the touchline to score in the corner.
Good angled running all day earned Jack Bayley the player of the week trophy. George picked up tagger of the week for his solid defence. Well done everyone for never giving up and encouraging each other. The lads are really bonding and building some team spirit and friendships which is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Thanks to our hosts Goole and Donny for an enjoyable day out regardless of the weather! Next up we are away at Old Brods in Halifax which will be a good test.
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