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Sheffield & Driffield (H)
Proud of the Under 8s

Proud of the Under 8s

By charlie atkinson
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Proud of the Under 8s

We had our first home games of the season today and they proved to be ones to remember. We had been building towards this for the last few weeks in training, gradually picking the intensity up each week as we knew we were in for a tough workout against lads from Sheffield and Driffield. Sheff were the best team we played last year so it was going to be interesting to see how we would fare this time round. We were able to field 2 teams. Driff and Sheff had one each. The weather was lush for an end of November day and the lads had plenty of support from friends and family who hadn’t had the chance to see them play yet this season. It was worth the wait as we narrowly won both games in two closely fought contests. This is what happened:
Game 1: Scunthorpe 13 – 9 Driffield
The lads came out the blocks like men possessed. The hard work in training had really paid off and the intensity and enjoyment levels were high as they chucked the ball around, ran straight and made their tags. Pooley was leading the try scoring stakes but everyone was getting involved. We went into half time with a commanding lead. Unfortunately the lads took their foot off the pedal a bit in the second half but Driffield were playing well and pulled them back into it. However hunger for turnover ball through 6 tags is high on the agenda and we scored a few more near the end . The tries came from Pooley (6), Dunk (2), Gillespie (2) with Bayley, Batley and Barrett all claiming one a piece. Szynal was unlucky not to bag one with a weaving run through the heart of the opposition. All lads made at least one tag each.
Game 2: Scunthorpe 9 – 7 Sheffield
Again the lads got stuck in from the off with nice straight running and a massive hunger for tags but it became apparent the Sheff had a passing game to behold. They were passing before the tag and out of the tag to players coming from depth. It seems crazy to be saying that about 7/8 year old lads but they were. However anything slightly loose or bouncing on the floor was snaffled up by a green shirt and again that desire to get the 6 tags so earning the ball back was huge. It was honours even at half time and it stayed close all the way through the second half but we just sneaked it in the end. To be fair though it could have gone either way. Our lads certainly learned a bit about how to keep the ball alive. Tries came from Giles (4) Atkinson (4) and Evers (1). Mention needs to be made of the number of important tags claimed by Carmichael, Penn and Fell.
Both Sheffield and Driffield were a pleasure to have at our place. The parents, coaches and players from all teams made it an enjoyable morning. We’ll look forward to going back to their places in 2014. Tagger of the week went to Evers. Player went to Batley. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue this level of effort and performance into Castleford next week.
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