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Promising start to 2014

Promising start to 2014

By charlie atkinson
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Promising start to 2014

This morning the Under 8s travelled to Lincoln with the rest of the Greens mini section on a slightly wet winter morning. The rain had stopped by the time we got there but there were still a few puddles on the pitches for the lads to dive through when scoring tries, which was a good bit of fun for them. Lincolns new ground was great and credit to them for getting everything together to support the move from their old ground. It was our first game for a month and we were expecting our lads to come out the blocks pretty slowly but they weren’t having any of it. We had a squad of 12 so split into 2 even teams. Both teams played 2 games each and won them both with some encouraging signs shown-
Team 1: Bayley, Giles, Pooley, Evers, Penn and Dunk won their first game 11-7 and their second game 14-11. In the first game the tries came from Giles (5) Pooley (5) and Bayley (1) In the second game the tries came from Giles (6) Bayley (4) Pooley (3) and Evers (1) Tagging was pretty good with a few turnovers won by getting 6 tags in a row. Giles led the way with 21 in the first game and 6 in the second. Some dives through the puddles when going in for tries were fantastic to see with the boys really enjoying themselves.
Team 2: Barnard, Atkinson, Barrett, Carmichael, Szynal and Batley won their first game 13-11 and their second game 11-9. The first game saw tries from Atkinson (8) Barnard (3) Carmichael (1) and Batley (1) Barnards pace has really improved in the last few weeks. The second game saw tries from Atkinson (6) Barrett (3) Carmichael (1) and Batley (1) Tagging was ok like the other team with Atkinson leading the way in game one with 16 and 10 in game two.
Thanks to Lincoln for having us they were a nice group and we’ll see them back at ours later on in the season. Tagger of the week went to Penn and Player of the week to Giles. Next Sunday we’ve got Hull Ionians at home which will be another tough one.
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