Sun 16
Old Brods
Clash of Styles

Clash of Styles

By charlie atkinson
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Clash of Styles

What a cracker we had today. Old Brods were at our place for the return fixture. It was sunny in Scunny today and the lads put on a good show. I know I keep saying it each week but it seems as though most teams we play against now are all of a pretty similar standard as we all reach the end of our tagging careers. Different teams bring different tests to the table and Brods provided an examination that we hadn’t seen all season. The coaches loved it, the lads did in the end but had to get stuck in and apply themselves. Brods had some lads who have been playing full contact rugby league and you could tell as they ran very straight and supported the ball carrier. We like to find space and pass as much as we can. Our tagging wasn’t great to begin with as we were a bit soft in going in for the tag so anything like even a part handoff was going to yield no tag. Players aren’t supposed to hand off but refs seem to let it go especially the Yorkshire teams. There’s a time and a place for ‘strategic hand placing’ that’s for sure but we’ll keep trying to run with the ball in 2 hands so making passing and off-loading easier. We were a bit down on numbers today with only 10 so couldn’t field 2 teams for the first time all season. Brods had 10 as well so we decided to play 7-a-side with 3 rolling subs. It worked well as there was plenty of room on our big pitch. The first 2 games went as follows-
Game 1: Scunthorpe 12 – 10 Old Brods
Game 2: Scunthorpe 8 – 5 Old Brods
There was still a bit of time left so the coaches decided to chuck everyone on for a massive 10-a-side workout 5 mins each way. The physicality picked up as the lads realised there wasn’t the space they had when at 7-a-side so had to take a more direct route as Brods had done all day. Our lads really started to match up well and the ref had to hold them back with some full on hits going in. Well done Evers for taking a great man and ball and well done Giles who got smashed just short of the try line but still managed to get up and drag himself over for the score. The smile on his face said it all – this is what it’s all about! It finished-
Game 3: Scunthorpe 3 – 4 Old Brods
Thanks to Old Brods for coming and we’ll see them again at their festival in April. Next up are Sandal at home. Tagger of the week went to Carmichael. Player went to Evers.
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Sun 16, Feb 2014