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Sandal Festival
Tough School  Sand-Fest

Tough School Sand-Fest

By charlie atkinson
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Tough School Sand-Fest

We were at the Sandal Festival in Wakefield today for our first festival of the season and what good tough workout it was. The sun was shining (wished I’d put my factor 40 on but it would have felt wrong to be doing that in early March!) We only had 12 available which was the maximum you could take and decided to split into 2 even teams. One would play the first half of each game and the other the second half. That way the less experienced players would get as much game time as the more experienced players. Other teams didn’t do that and just played their best players but it was a tournament so fair enough everyone does things differently. Here’s what happened-
Game 1: Scunthorpe 7 – 1 Amersham
We opened up really well with a strong win against Amersham. Tries came from Pooley (3) Atkinson (2) and Giles (2) All areas of our game from passing, running, tagging etc were on it and we were chuffed with the start to the day.
Game 2: Scunthorpe 5 – 6 West Park Leeds
For some reason we went to sleep in this game. Not sure what happened really it was just down in all areas and the enthusiasm was low. However we were still in at 5-5 going into the last play and in possession but we coughed it up near their try line and one of their lads ran the length of the pitch for the winner. Tries came from Atkinson (2) Pooley (2) and Giles (1) Shame but we didn’t deserve the win to be fair.
Game 3: Scunthorpe 4 – 6 Sheffield Tigers
Things really picked up in the third game after we read the riot act before the start. Everyone got stuck in but Tigers are the best team we’ve played this season and had a bit too much for us with their crisper passing and rush defence. Tries came from Atkinson (2) Giles (1) and Barnard (1) Tigers went onto the final and just lost to Lymm by one try.
Game 4: Scunthorpe 6 – 3 Sandal
We saved our best performance for last against a good Sandal team. We raced ahead and never looked back. The intensity from the Tigers game carried into this and they couldn’t live with it. Unfortunately it was too late as we couldn’t get through to the final but we finished on a high with a couple of memorable tries involving passing all the way down the line for the lad on the end to score. Tries came from Pooley (4) Atkinson (1) and Forey-Hicken (1)
So overall a good learning experience, on another day we could have won all 4 but that’s the way it goes. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got a medal for taking part. Tagger of the week went to Giles. Player of the week went to Pooley. Next up are Sheffield Tigers away which will be a good test and just what we want.
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