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Driffield vs Scarborough vs Scunthorpe

Driffield vs Scarborough vs Scunthorpe

By Matt Nundy
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On a cool, cloudy Sunday morning at Driffield RUFC, Scunthorpe met Driffield and Scarborough for some eye bursting rugby.

On a cool, cloudy Sunday morning at Driffield RUFC, Scunthorpe met Driffield and Scarborough for some eye bursting rugby.

Scunthorpe were on form and they showed this when they shot out of the blocks bursting into life straight away against Driffield with snakehips Ollie Chant dodging and weaving like a flamenco dancer to score five outstanding trys! Then there was Jacob Fillingham who had definitely had his weetabix that morning not only getting through to get two trys in this game but also stealing some great tags . This was helped on by the blistering speed of Callum Shaw who was like a bullet down both wings putting down four trys. This lead Scunthorpe to a 13-10 win.

In the second game Scunthorpe hit their stride storming themselves to a 9-3 victory playing Driffield off the pitch. This was down to a great team effort. The steel defence shown by Jonas Richards bagging himself 18 tags and running in 5 trys was an excellent display of the game. Not to be left behind Cameron Donskoy snatched himself 16 tags and showed why Scunthorpe have such an iron defence.

It was then Scarboroughs turn to see if they could stop the runaway train. This was soon proven to be too much for them as Scunthorpe ran away with a 11-4 win. William Worsley showed great enthusiasm bounding forward tearing tags as if he was a wild bear whilst George Waldron showed great form bursting past 5 players showing us some movement that should only be allowed on the dance floor to nail down his well worked try.

In the next game it was like watching the ballet with Cole Gosling twisting and spinning and gracefully floating in to score himself two flamboyant trys and also setting up jumping jack flash Jack Masterson who somehow found space to squeeze through the Scarborough defences to bag himself a try finishing off the game with an 8-2 win.

In the last game for the day Scunthorpe showed that they were here to win and nothing was going to stop them from achieving their aim. Reggie Oldridge was like a one man machine bulldozing himself straight through the Scarborough lines to score a wonderful try while grabbing 7 tags. Theo Price showed us his double handed snatch and grab tagging and was a marvel to watch flying through the air to steal both tags at the same time while Ollie and Jonas continued their tally of trys scoring 9 more between them to finish off Scarborough with an 11-5 win.

On a day where there was so much excellent rugby played it was a pleasure to watch and I can’t wait to see more . Tagger of the week was William Worsley with his impressive acrobatic tagging and player of the week was Jacob Fillingham for his tireless workmanship that paid off with two hard fought for trys.

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