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Sandal Tournament 12th March 2017

Sandal Tournament 12th March 2017

By Donna Carter
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U8's match report from Netty Conroy and Donna Carter

Scunthorpe Rugby Under 8’s took 2 teams to Sandal Tournament and they definitely turned up the heat!
With 6 games each to play, we started off against Old Brodlian’s where we managed several 6-tag turnover balls and also scooped up a couple of their dropped balls to get off to a great start with a 4-3 win with scores put in by Jones K, Stow and a couple for Conroy.
Barnsley struggled to compete with the young greens with Jones K zigzagging up the field to score a quick try followed again by a cool sidestep to get another in for Conroy.
Barnsley fought back with a couple to even it up however a knock forward by our opponents allowed Stow to score quickly followed with another from Jones K. It was a game of quick play, some fantastic passing and defensive play from Longden, Wilkinson and Thornton.
Another 6 tag turnover ball allowed Conroy a further try before the game ended with a 7-3 win.
The greens continued their momentum of speed and power into game 3 against the hosts Sandal where Conroy scooped up their dropped ball and got a score quickly followed by Jones K who ran straight down the line to put in his score.
Sandal struggled with the skills of the greens with Thornton, Wilkinson and Longden tagging ferociously to get the ball to Jones K for another score.
Thornton managed a quick try followed by Stow putting in another 2. Although Sandal tried to bring it back, they couldn’t get past our defence and the match ended with our win at 7-3.
Moortown were our next opponents who gave us the most trouble of the day. A quick try from them due to a handling error was equalised by Conroy however Moortown was still on our heels putting in another which again was equalised by Conroy.
With a 6 tag turnover ball awarded to us, Stow went over the line but signs showing we were starting to tire allowed them to make a come back.
Stow managed another score assisted by Longden and Hewitt just before the whistle but a close game ended in the only defeat of the day 5-4.
Not to be disheartened, the young Scunthorpe players were back to form against Barnsley A team where Conroy caught a Barnsley players’ high passed ball and with a quick pass down the line via Thornton allowed Wilkinson to finish a well worked try.
Hewitt found some gaps in their defensive line to sneak through and again some great passing from Longden to Wilkinson got him another score.
A loose ball was scooped up by Jones K but they quickly pinched it back by pushing us into touch. We regained confidence quickly and following a knock forward by Barnsley, Thornton made a fab pass wide out to Conroy. Conroy went over the line again another 3 times bringing the final score 6-4 win.
Meanwhile our other team also started with Old Brods with an exciting game leading to a win of 7-4. Frary scored our first try quickly followed by a try for Old Brods and then Kyle took the greens back into the lead. Old Brods managed to dodge their way through our defence again then Frary responded with his second try after forcing his way through the defence line. Another try followed from the Greens after Carter ran through the field showing some spinning moves to dodge through the opponents. Another try from Old Brods quickly followed and then Jones I pushed his way through for the greens fifth try. An interception by Quibell followed with a great pass to Proctor on the wing ran the length of the pitch to score. Another try from Proctor followed great passing through the team. Old Brods ended the game with their forth try.
The second game was a narrow win with plenty of try's the greens winning 9-8. Ripon scored first and the greens followed after great passing through the whole team to Carter to score. In spite of persistent tagging from Hart, Ripon scored a second try. This was followed quickly by a straight run through the field by Frary to score. Further tries from the greens by Proctor, Hart, Jones I, Carter and Frary.
The match against Sandal finished with a draw 5-5. The first try came from a loose ball picked up by Proctor and passed onto Jones I who took it across the line. Inspite of great tagging by Hart, Frary, Kyle, Quibell, and Carter Sandal still managed to get through to score 2 tries. Carter scored the next one following a great pass from Proctor. Persistent tagging from Quibell put pressure on Sandal following a forward pass giving the ball to the greens for Kyle to pass onto Carter to score again. Further good tagging from Carter and Jones I but Sandal still managed to get through to score. Quickly followed with a try from Jones I. Again another show of brilliant tagging from the whole team but still Sandal scored another 2 putting them in the lead. The final try came from Frary after a fantastic run through the field.
Our only defeat came from Harrogate 7-4. The first 2 tries for Harrogate followed by a try from Quibell after good passing through the team. A quick try followed from Harrogate and then another good display of passing from Quibell to Frary to Carter to Proctor and then back to Carter to take it over the line. 3 further tries from Harrogate but not being discouraged the greens came back with a try from Hart and then a run across the pitch by Jones I picking his way through 4 of the opponents. The game ended with the last try from Harrogate.
The final game with Cleckheaton ended with another draw 6-6 but another exciting game with great passing throughout and persistent tagging. Cleckheaton scored first but we quickly followed with a loose ball being collected by Carter and ran over the line for the try. Another try for Cleckheaton quickly followed by a try from a run from the start by Frary. Again Cleckheaton scored. A few handling errors from both teams followed but Proctor picked up a loose a ball and carried it over the line. Another try for Cleckheaton and then another from Proctor. The next play gave us 6 tag turnover ball and a third try from Proctor. Cleckheaton responded with another try and then a fantastic run from Kyle from one end of the pitch to the other gave us our sixth and final try only to be followed by the equaliser from Cleckheaton.
A fantastic set of games played with some really tremendous defence and passing skills on display. Both teams performed brilliantly and all players came away happy, with their medals.
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