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Sun 19
Market Rasen
Market Rasen Match Report 19th March 2017

Market Rasen Match Report 19th March 2017

By Donna Carter
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Great team performances

Match report from Netty Conroy and Donna Carter
A home game against two Market Rasen teams went down a storm today with our under 8’s showing some tremendous defending and scoring.
Lending the opposition two players, Hewitt and Harris who both put in a lot of effort for the visiting team.
Our team were strong with some brilliant tagging to get some quick tries on the books by Proctor, Grundy and Jones K all getting a brace each however handling errors allowed Rasen 3 equalisers to bring the score to 6-3 at half time. The second half saw speedy tagging and a long pass by Grundy to Conroy allowing him to score. A loose ball scooped up by Conroy who passed out wide to Grundy was not to be as Rasen managed to get him into touch close to the tryline. Market Rasen rallied back getting another score in however some great handling skills by Conroy, Proctor and Grundy to get the ball to Jones I who ran down the wing to score.
Conroy managed to get another score however despite some mighty tagging again by Bycroft, Carter and Grundy, Rasen still managed to skirt around and get the ball down twice. In the final minutes of play, a great dodge by Carter saw him running out to the corner to get our final score of the match giving us an 11-7 win.
Our second game started well with Jones K passing quickly to Proctor to score however Market Rasen were again quick on our heels to equalise. Conroy showed a mighty fine pass to Bycroft who got us nearer to the score line but was forced into touch. Jones K managed to pinch a loose Rasen ball but they fought back and a handling error on our side allowed them a score.
With a couple more 6-tag turnover ball to us allowed Jones K to get a score in quickly followed by another from Conroy. Market Rasen managed 2 more scores with Jones K and Conroy putting in two more before half time.
The second half proved tense as play went up and down the pitch nearing both try lines but both teams not quite managing to get the ball down. Grundy was tagged near the score line but a quick pass to Proctor allowed him to get a score. Good defensive play forced Market Rasen into touch allowingHewitt to get the ball to Grundy to score near the corner. Scunthorpe showed great passing skills allowing Conroy another score quickly followed up with another from Grundy.
Another 6 tag turnover ball gave the young greens the advantage however a dubious ref decision gave the ball back to Rasen who managed two more tries.
A great effort by Jones I who ran the length of the pitch only to get pushed into touch near the score line. Another 6 tag turnover ball with Conroy and Carter and Bycroft working hard but didn’t manage to alter the numbers.
The final score of the match was an excellent win at 10-7.
First game gave many tries with Scunthorpe winning 13 to 10
Market Rasen started but a 6 tag turnover led to our first try from Frary following fantastic passing through the team.
Market Rasen’s first try followed quickly after a run straight through to the line.
Scunthorpe’s second score came from Longdon starting the passing through to Thornton and then back to Longdon for him to pass to Stow to score.
Scunthorpe scored again after a loose ball from the start was picked up by Hart followed with veracious tagging by Market Rasen but Murray eventually got through to score.
Market Rasen scored and then Stow scored his second quickly followed by another from Market Rasen.
Thornton made a great run for the line but unfortunately he had been tagged so the try was not counted and Market Rasen got the ball. Persistent tagging from Hart and Thornton gave the greens another 6 tag turnover which led to another fantastic run by Stow to score again.
Market Rasen followed with another try running through the field quickly followed with another try from Stow with the support of Clark.
Another 6 tag turnover led to great passing through from Longdon to Murray to Longdon to Hart to Thornton and to Clark for him to score.
A loose ball at the start gave Scunthorpe another try from Stow which was quickly followed by a try for Market Rasen.
Scunthorpes ninth try came after persistent tagging by Market Rasen but good passing through the team gave Stow the ball to score. Market Rasen then scored with a run through the field with no tags taken.
A poor start gave Market Rasen the ball from a knock on but we persevered with great tagging and grabbing a loose a ball for Thornton to run half way through the field to pass to Stow for him to finish off with a try.
The second half started with great defence tagging and brilliant passing through the whole team but Market Rasen managed to score the next three tries.
Clark scored next following good passing again from Hart to Quibell and onto Clark to finish. Brilliant defence followed Market Rasens start with frantic tagging from Hart and then Frary making Market Rasen go out of touch to turn the ball over back to Scunthorpe. Passing the ball back down the field for Clark to take it over the line again.
Scunthorpe turned the ball over again by taking 6 tags but a forward pass gave the ball back to Market Rasen for them to be forced out of touch again to give the ball back to Scunthorpe on Market Rasens line. Great passing from Murray to Stow and then onto Hart unfortunately ran out of touch so ball back to Rasen for them to run back up the pitch and score.
The final try came from Stow after zig zagging through the defence.
Game 2 Scunthorpe 13 Market Rasen 11
Market Rasen started but the greens picked up a loose ball leading to a try from Stow.
Great tagging from Thornton, Longdon, Frary and Clark led to turnover ball to the greens followed by brilliant passing through the whole team unfortunately Market Rasen intercepted a long pass but then they also lost the ball which was picked up by Longdon to pass to Thorton and then onto Stow to score.
Market Rasen then scored despite good tagging from Hart, Stow, Clark, Murray, Hart again.
Scunthorpes start gave them their third, Hart passing to Clark onto Murray for him to fly through the defence with support if needed from Hart and Clark.
Market Rasen quickly followed with a straight run through for their try. The next try was also from Market Rasen in spite of great running from Stow to grab a tag on their touch line.
Another 15 tries followed one after each other for each side starting with Scunthorpe from Clark, Thornton, Quibell, Thornton, Clark, Thornton, Stow, and Longdon.
Scunthorpe broke the pattern by scoring again after a 6 tag turnover. Clark took it over the line following great passing through the team.
Market Rasen scored again in-spite of great tagging from the greens.
The final try came from Quibell dodging through the defence.
All players showed some awesome passing and defence skills and worked really hard as a team to get their wins.
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