Sun 09
Sun 9
Scunthorpe U8’s vs Thorne U8’s at Heslam Park 9th April 2017

Scunthorpe U8’s vs Thorne U8’s at Heslam Park 9th April 2017

By Donna Carter
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2 wins for our under 8's

Match Report by Netty Conroy
A lovely sunny morning for a home match against Thorne turned out to be a mementos occasion with some fantastic wins for our two matches played.
From the whistle, we saw a speedy turnover ball not allowing Thorne to make any progress down the pitch. An excellent try by Conroy to open was matched by Thorne then followed up by another from Scunthorpe where Jones K displayed a quick side step to out manoeuvre our opponents.
A couple more turnover balls due to our magnificent tagging allowed Conroy to gain another try with great passing skills between Jones K, Conroy and Carter.
Thorne managed to dodge around our players and ran half the pitch but dropped the ball close to the try line allowing a quick reaction by Jones K with a pass to Carter who weaved his way to take it all the way back for a try for Scunthorpe.
The second half saw Thorne put in a quick score despite tags being pulled by Wilkinson, Carter, Grundy and Conroy. A long pass by Quibell via Conroy to Carter who managed to run the whole length of the pitch to get another score. Some great passing was seen by Wilkinson, Sitek and Hewitt which helped us get the ball to our end of the pitch.
Another turnover ball showed our brilliant defence skills however Thorne skill managed to put another score in before a last surge from Quibell to Carter and a slick pass by Jones K to a new player, Booth who scored his first try in his first ever match allowing us to finish on a very secure 6-3 win.
The second match was much of the same as Thorne put down a quick score from the whistle however a really long pass from Thornton to Proctor allowed the young greens to equalise in the corner. Thorne managed to come back with another score despite great tagging made by Jones I, Hart and Clark..
Bycroft managed a try to even up the scores which was followed by Hart dodging his way up the pitch to get another score.
Defending by Kyte and Clark saw Thorne drop the ball which was picked up by a quick thinking Frary who then ran on to score.
Thorne felt the pressure and ran into touch allowing the ball to go through the hands of Longden, Hart to Stow on the wing allowing another score. Thornton managed to tag three Thorne players in a row followed by his teammates, Stow, Longden and Jones I to gain their first turnover ball in this game.
In the second half we saw a forward pass allow Thorne to make a bid for the score line but thankfully they were denied by the great tagging efforts of Longden, Hart and Frary. Despite Hart being tagged near the try line, he managed a pass to Proctor allowing him to make the score.
Thorne got another try however, they couldn’t stop Stow who danced his way over the line to get another try.
An in touch decision gave Thorne the ball allowing them to score their final try however some great passing between Thornton, Jones I and Proctor gave Thornton our final try of the day. A great end result of 8-4 win.
Overall, the team showed tremendous defence skills preventing our opponents getting near our score line. Handling skills have also come on leaps and bounds. The season is nearing its end so the players now have to focus their efforts on learning tackling skills ready for next year as the tags will be no more!!
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