Sun 30
Sun 30
Old Brods
Under 8's vs Old Brods

Under 8's vs Old Brods

By Donna Carter
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Three teams played just one Old Brods team of 7 who showed great spirit playing 3 matches.

It was another lovely sunny morning for the final match of the season for the under 8’s team. It has been a pleasure to watch them develop as a team over the season and we have some great potential rugby stars of the future.

1st Match, Scunthorpe 14, Old Brods 10
The first try came from Old Brods but this was quickly followed by a try for Scunthorpe after fantastic passing through from Jones K from the start, onto Proctor, Grundy, Sitek and then back to Jones K to score.
Another try followed for Scunthorpe from Jones I following offside play by Old Brods.
A 6 tag turnover ball led to Scunthorpe’s third try. Jones C made a fantastic run through the whole of the Old Brods team and passed onto Jones I to score.
End to end trys followed, 5 for Old Brods and Scunthorpe 4 by Proctor, Grundy, Sitek, and Proctor again.
Scunthorpe started the second half with another try from Proctor but Old Brods came back with one despite persistent tagging from Grundy, Sitek and Proctor.
Grundy and Jones K displayed great passing skills back and forth with Grundy finishing with a try. Scunthorpe scored again after Grundy picked up a loose ball from Old Brods start and passed onto Potter, to Jones K and then onto Proctor to score. Old Brods followed with a quick try from the start which was then followed by another quick try from Scunthorpe by Jones I. Old Brods dropped the ball which was scooped up by Jones K and passed onto Jones I to score. Old Brods start gave a run straight through to score despite a brave dive to get the tag by Jones K just on the line. Scunthorpe replied with another try but was also followed quickly by a try for Old Brods. The final try of the game was for Scunthorpe after Proctor picked up a loose ball passed through the team and onto Potter to score.

2nd Match, Scunthorpe 17, Old Brods 4
Old Brods started but dropped the ball for Thornton to pick up and run for the line to score.
Old Brods restarted but great pressure from Scunthorpe let to another dropped ball that was dived on by Conroy. From the restart the ball was passed onto Conroy who dodged through the whole team to score.
Another try quickly followed for Scunthorpe by Wilkinson.
Scunthorpe applied pressure with brilliant tagging but unfortunately a little step into touch gave Old Brods a restart in tag counts. However a forward pass gave the ball to Scunthorpe which was passed onto Hart for him to take it all the way down the line to score.
Scunthorpe’s next try was again from Hart with another run down the line following a dropped ball by Old Brods.
Old Brods hadn’t given up and came back with a try from a run from the start line. This was quickly followed with a try by Frary for Scunthorpe from great passing through the team.
An offside error by Scunthorpe led to Old Brods next try despite Frary tagging the player just as he dived over the line to score.
A quick try for Scunthorpe followed with Conroy taking the ball all the way down the line to score.
Another try for Scunthorpe after a loose ball was picked up by Thornton and passed onto Carter for him to score.
Still fighting strong the Old Brods team ended the first half with their third try by passing the ball through the team.
The second half started with another quick try for Scunthorpe by Frary who ran straight through the defence.
Handling errors by Old Brods gave Scunthorpe two more tries, the first by Carter from a loose ball picked up by Thornton, and the second by Hart following a forward pass.
Old Brods tried to come back with a score but just on their line a 6 tag turnover ball was passed onto Frary for him to run back down the line to score for Scunthorpe.
Old Brods did get the next try following some exciting play where Scunthorpe lost the ball because the third tag was deemed illegal due to contact made so the tag count was restarted. This didn’t deter our defence though as 6 tags were taken but Scunthorpe’s restart was a long pass which was intercepted by old Brods for them to take it over the line.
Good support by Thornton delivered his next try for Scunthorpe following a great pass from Carter.
A bad pass between Old Brods players was intercepted by Wilkinson who passed it onto Thornton for him to score again.
Scunthorpe quickly scored again by Carter.
Another great exciting play followed this with a 6 tag turnover ball won with tagging from Wilkinson, Conroy, Carter, Conroy, Hart and Conroy again. From Scunthorpe’s start the ball was passed through the team to Conroy for him to run down the line to score.
Scunthorpe scored the last try of this game with a great display of team support passing the ball through to Conroy again to score.

3rd Match, Scunthorpe 14, Old Brods 11
The third match started with end to end try’s, four for Scunthorpe scoring first, two from Quibell and two from Clark, all with good support from the rest of the team.
Scunthorpe broke the pattern with Quibell picking up a loose ball and passing onto to Hewitt for him to score.
Old Brods did follow quickly with a try and equally as quick Quibell scored for Scunthorpe.
Old Brods stepped out of touch near to their own try line which gave Scunthorpe the ball for Hewitt to take it all the way back down the line to offload to Quibell to score.
Another in touch call by Old Brods led to another try from Quibell quickly followed by a try for Old Brods and a try for Scunthorpe from Kyte and another for Old Brods.
Old Brods scored again following Scunthorpe stepping in touch. Clarke quickly followed with a try for Scunthorpe and then another try for Old Brods.
Scunthorpe’s next try came from Conroy who had come on as an injury replacement.
End to end try’s brought the game to an end with a further 3 for Old Brods and Scunthorpe’s three by Kyte, Conroy, and finally Hewitt.

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