Sun 13
Market Rasen
Scunny Vets vs Market Rasen

Scunny Vets vs Market Rasen

By Louise Brewster
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On a fine remembrance sunday morning the first game between the green vets and market rasen was a real game of 2 halves.

In the first half both defences were on top ensuring the full six tags were achieved gaining turnover ball until a great passing display by the greens saw C Brewster open the scoring. Soon after there was a debut try for Sam Warburton out pacing the defence to give Scunthorpe a two try lead. Market rasen then applied pressure towards the Greens line only for a knock on which the alert Charlie Murr picked up and accelerated away for a great solo effort. Half Time Greens 3 tries Mkt Rasen 0.
The second half was a different story as the greens and market rasen exchanged six tags numerous times before Rasen broke through to score. After more pressure nearing the end of the game Rasen broke through again out pacing the greens defence to score.
Full Time Scunthorpe 3 Market Rasen 2.

Scunthorpe Newbies vs Market Rasen

The second game saw the Newby Greens take on Market Rasen who were more experienced and the Scunthrope defence struggled against their opponents and Rasen opened the scoring. A great run by Ben Borrill drawing the Rasen players deep into his own half before turning through 180 deg and sprinting up the wing only to run out of the pitch. The remainder of the half saw Rasen rack up another 5 tries to give a half time scoreline Greens 0 Market Rasen 6.
As in the first game the second half was a different story where the Newby Greens came out battling and applying pressure which saw Brett Howden score a great mazey individual try. Further pressure by the Greens saw Jack Preston make a good run down the wing only to be tagged just short of the line. Another passage of good play by the Greens saw Alfie Lindstrom score his debut try diving over the line. The Newbies were on fire in the second half but Rasen came back getting another try but a mistake by the greens allowed rasen to score again just before the full time whistle. The second half was a fantastic effort by the new Greens and a sign of good things to come.
Full Time Greens 2 Market rasen 8

Scunthorpe Mixed Team vs Market Rasen

Following the minutes silence for remembrance sunday the final game saw the Greens play a mixed side. There was some good passages of passing and tagging by the Greens but pressure by rasen saw them open the scoring. Man of the match Lewis Cross then opened his account for the day dodging in and out of rasen players to score a good try. Rasen then went ahead following good pressure but Lewis Cross was not having any of it and swerved in and out of the Rasen players from inside his own half to score again to tie the scores at half time.
The second half saw Rasen regain the lead from the off before a good passing display saw Connor Brewster score in the corner. In a see saw game Rasen again took the lead but further pressure in defence by the Greens lead to a knock on which Connor pounced on to score again. The Greens were looking good stopping Rasen under the six tag rule before Ben Conroy showed his trademark side step to open his account for the day. The final score of the day was a brilliant run by Charlie Murr outpacing the Rasen team to score again.
Full Time Greens 6 Market Rasen 4.

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Sun 13, Nov 2011