Sun 20
Old Brods
A Taylor (4), C Wilkinson, C Green (4), D Salvatore-Chapman, J Murr, J Kreamer (3), A Oldridge (4), D Longden (4), A Wilson (2), L Talbot (3), L Grabz, W Horner (4)
Scunthorpe at Old Brods

Scunthorpe at Old Brods

By Tony Wilkinson
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Its fun to play at the Y.M.C.A (and old brods)

Scunthorpe 9's took to the road to travel to regular opponents Old Brods and a new opposition in Huddersfield YMCA. After a chat with the other coaches who had turned out for one or two games a few more games were agreed between Scunthorpe and YMCA.
Scunthorpe had travelled without their massively influential coach whilst he kept the streets of Scunthorpe safe the other coaches were there to guide the young Greenies.
Game one kicked off without the equally influential team manager who had got lost due to coach Oldridge not setting up his wifes sat nav correctly.
Old Brods along with Huddersfield seem to have fed their children on growth hormones as some would easily pass for under 10's or older, standing next to Dante Salvatore Chapman it looked as though he could of been in land of the giants, however as the opposition were to find out later he wasn't to be run over.
Game 1 Scunthorpe vs Old Brods.
A seesaw game which saw the lead change hands on numerous occasions and with unlimited tackles Scunthorpe struggled to get the turnover, at half time Old Brods completely changed their side making 7 subs, Scunthorpe remained the same throughout and with scores from Jake Kreamer x 2, Jack Murr, Dante Salvatore Chapman, Charley Wilkinson, Chris Green and a brace from Alfie Taylor saw the game finish 40-40.
Game 2 Scunthorpe vs Huddersfield YMCA
Reffed by the YMCA ref Scunthorpe were quickly into there stride going into a 15-10 lead at half time, scores coming from Daniel Longden William Horner and Lukasz Grab, after half time Scunthorpe were defending with great ferocity in particular Lewis Talbot getting through a monumental amount of tackling, seemingly knocking one down then getting up to knock the next runner down. A few turnovers came and Scunthorpe found themselves 40-10 up further scores from Longden x 2 (who had a good day throughout), Horner, Alfie Oldridge x 2.
A huge moment in any game is when a player is sin binned or red carded, and this is what swung the game the referee choosing to see a particularly strong but perfectly legal tackle by Talbot as high, the YMCA ref screaming at Talbot to leave the field, somewhat harshly, maybe to even up the sides, but a very strange decision, what is taught, and is a fantastic example other sports could take is that the referee is respected, this is a two way matter and referee's should also respect players and to shout at a player in such a way especially one who is so young is perhaps wrongful...rant over.
YMCA scored 3 tries and Oldridge scored one more for scunthorpe leaving the final score as 45-25.
Game 3 Scunthorpe vs Old Brods
Scunthorpe again lined up against Old Brods and again a close game ensued, Scunthorpe raced into a 15-0 lead with scores from Talbot, Joe Bingham and Oldridge, but Old Brods pegged them back to 15-10 at half time. Some solid tackles by Taylor and Wilkinson being made in the second half. A high tackle round Binghams neck, coaches thinking he could well have been seriously injured was shrugged off and the second half continued in a similar vain in a game which could've gone either way scores from Horner, new player Dylan, Chris Green and Taylor ground out the result 35-25. One of Old Brods scores coming from Oldridge who was loaned to them after they suffered an injury...traitor!!!
Game 4 Scunthorpe vs YMCA
Scunthorpe again found themselves up against YMCA and it was Salvatore Chapman who made a picture perfect tackle on a big runner, the referee again thought Scunthorpe were tackling high however they are allowed under the armpits which was were the Scunthorpe tacklers were, Scunthorpe never lost the lead and with some good defence ground out the win Taylor, Green x 2 who side stepped most of his team along with the opposition, Kreamer, Horner, Bingham, Talbot x 2 and Longden all scoring for Scunthorpe in a 45-30 win.
Scunthorpe can be pleased with there attacking prowess which saw them score a massive 33 tries, however, following on from last week when they conceded 3 tries to this conceding 24 means training will concentrate mainly on defence......
Both YMCA and Old Brods proved tough tests for Scunthorpe and were good games for Scunthorpe to play.
Next week Sandal who were the last team to beat Scunthorpe, in the final at Old Brodlieans and another in Selby two more tough Yorkshire sides.
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