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Hull Ioanians
J Kreamer, D Longden, I Elliot (2), J Murr (2), L Talbot (2), W Horner (3), A Oldridge
Best Rugby Played this season

Best Rugby Played this season

By Tony Wilkinson
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Loads of Rugby played between 2 very good sides

It was decided the previous week when conditions were unbelievably abysmal that we wanted to play Hull again, Scunthorpe and Hull are equally matched with only a fine line on the day separating who will win. The i's offered us a game this week at their place and we gratefully accepted, travelling to the impressive RFU level 3 surroundings with only Doncaster, Leeds and Nottingham perhaps being better to Hull in the local(ish) area.
For once it didn't rain although fresh for those stood on the sidelines, those of us moving about and worrying about the game it was almost the start of summer.
Hull said they wanted to turn over as much rugby as possible and a series of 8 minute halves were decided upon.

Scunthorpe lined up with 8 starting and 7 on the bench, Wilkinson took on his role at 10 almost as well as his name sake jonny, putting in some sublime passes, Kreamer has epitomised what the coaches have asked for running a short line off Wilkinson he was hitting some fantastic lines, The i's however were not to be out done smashing into tackles as if they were hitting tackle bags rather than people with bony bits and moving parts. However it was from such a move that allowed Kreamer to go over for the first score.
Scunthorpe weren't to be out done in defence with Lewis Talbot, Dan Longden and Alfie Oldridge in particular being pro active in the tackle, Jack Murr remained busy tackling then getting up to make another and then another. Scunthorpe managed to make the seven required tackles for a turnover.
Longden scored after running through the defence and placed an out stretched arm over the line. Half time came at 10-0 to Scunthorpe with defence on top.
The whole side barring Talbot was changed and he soon formed a great partnership with Dante Salvatore chapman in bringing down the big Hull runners, Ben Favell was having his best game to date marshalling the wing and getting stuck in. Isaac Elliott, was marshalling his troops and Harry Soulby taking balls on driving through the centre like a raging bull.
Hull struck back with a deserved try in the corner following some broken play, but it was following a good tackle that William Horner picked the ball up and blitzed everyone on the outside no one getting anywhere near this pacey winger.

The two gladiators of rugby locked horns again in match 2 in what was turning into an epic battle one which wouldn't of looked out of place on prime time sky sports 1....ok, maybe not, but it was good rugby.
Hull started with the ball and the tackles flew in Green making big hits on the winger. In the first half, it was Hull who took the lead though, a couple of stray passes and against such a good side mistakes would cost tries. Scunthorpe though made up for it working for each other in defence and attack, it allowed Jack Murr to take a pass off Harry Robinson, he took the ball down the wing, one coach shouted pass to Chris Green who was supporting, the other coach (colin) shouted keep going Jack took the second advice and momentum took him over the line. At half time score was 5-5.
Again the sides changed and Scunthorpe took on where the previous side left off. Scunthorpe will always preach a zero is the best score they can have and this was again was shown when Salvatore - Chapman said "lets clean sheet them", he lived up to his new name of smasher...
Talbot took a good ball following a great run by Jack Standerline, with William Horner in support should he of been tackled, he managed to wriggle through. He followed this with a second try this time slightly different as he took a pass he exploited the space out wide. this game ending 15-5 in Scunthorpe's favour. Scunthorpe's defence was outstanding managing some great turnovers.

Game 3 kicked off all we needed was some type of rocky or rousing montage music and some slow mo's of the players faces and it would've made a good trailer, with the lack of any music or camera's we made do with a ref and a whistle.
Defence was on top Scunthorpe putting everything into the tackles as they had all day, knocking the hull i's back, Scunthorpe had there chances but the half was Hull's just as they opened up a slender 5-0 lead this following the ref getting in the way of the player in a good scoring position, maybe he wanted to get involved in a good game? no way it was far to physical...
Scunthorpe turned round and Isaac Elliott took the ball on rather than putting players into space he darted for the line and managed to score, the same player again picked up a loose ball in the Hull half and went over for the score to give Scunthorpe the lead, Hull weren't to be out done though and came back at Scunthorpe to level. Horner picked up a pass from Soulby and burst through, managaing to wriggle out of 3 tacklers hands he dived for the line, following his team mates working hard the same player was able to benefit using his sprinter pace to out strip the defence to score. Again a special mention must go to Ben Favell who was instrumental in keeping the score down by taking player and ball on the wing. The game finished 20-10 to Scunthorpe.

Game 4 was the last of a great mornings rugby and the match report is long because a lot went well from both sides and is worthy of comment.
Alfie Oldridge who signalled his intent from the off with a huge tackle with drove the player backwards, was soon in attack taking a good pass from Wilkinson (who had set up a large portion of Scunthorpe's tries during the morning) he drove through the middle with tacklers dropping off the strong runner, he went over for the first score, Hull again though scored to peg Scunthorpe back following some good work and interplay between them. The game to and fro'd between the sides, attacks being repelled by the strong defensive efforts, Kreamer again leading the way hitting some great lines in attack, Talbot and Salvatore Chapman in defence, Green and Longden keeping the wings safe from attacks. half time was a close 5-5.
The tiredness in the Scunthorpe legs crept in and changes were made but not to the detriment of the team as, deep into the second half Murr collected the ball after a good run by Horner, he managed to run on down the wing and with a whole host of players chasing him he went over for the score. Again the ferocity of defence by both teams was causing problems as balls were spilled, but Scunthorpe held firm for a 10-5 win.

Probably the most pleasing aspect was the support received for both sides from both sets of supporters and the way the game was played in the Rugby spirit throughout, two excellent teams who will no doubt lock horns again. The day was Scunthorpe's on this occasion but Hull will be back to test Scunthorpe, both teams will learn lots from games such as these.

A whole host of players could have got player of the week following such a good team effort but it went to Ben Favell for his efforts in defence and willingness in attack.

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