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Driffield / Scarborough 1 – 3 Scunthorpe

Driffield / Scarborough 1 – 3 Scunthorpe

By charlie atkinson
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Driffield / Scarborough 1 – 3 Scunthorpe

After some solid performances last week, the Under 9’s travelled to Driffield in the hope of maintaining some momentum. Both Scunthorpe and Driffield were joined by Scarborough who had also made the trip.
First up were Scarborough, a team that had split themselves into two and decided to give each group one half each. The first try came with some confusion. Normally after 7 tackles the ball would turn over to the other side, today would not be the case. After somewhere in the region of 15 tackles and some very confused faces, Scarborough scored their first try of the day. Both sides then traded blows as neither could turn the ball over. The pitch was a lot bigger than those the boys are used to, however with Pooley capitalising on this and scoring a first half trick the teams went in even at the break. Half time 3-3
Scarborough swapped their players around and the 2nd half got under way. A Scarborough breakthrough was thwarted early on after Pooley managed to chase down and tackle a Scarborough player who thought he was a cert for a try. Again both sides traded blows with both Letory and Chapman scoring for the Greens. Letory received the ball on the right and found himself in some space on the left to sprint in to place the ball over the line. Chapman took a different tact and instead of going round the Scarborough defence, he went straight through it. With the clock ticking down and the scores even it was Scarborough who looked the most likely to snatch the win. The tides soon changed after some brilliant team play from Scunthorpe forced a lad into touch. Within moments Pooley found himself flying down the wing towards the try line, a tackle came flying in but he just sneaked over and it turned out to be the match winner. Full time 6-5 to the greens.
The team that had just played Scarborough then went onto the other pitch to play Driffield whilst the other half of the travelling green squad who had just beaten Driffield 5-4 in another close contest, came across to play Scarborough.
Pooley, who is aiming for top try scorer of the season had great success in the previous match, however Giles is also vying for the same award and staked a huge claim in this very one sided affair. It was the said young man who claimed the first two tries in the first half, a half which would see 3 unanswered tries altogether. The second of these was a sublime run from very deep in his own half, for the next few minutes he would look very jaded as he tried to catch his breath. However he was soon back in action setting up Barrett for one of the best tries of the season. Having beaten two players with pace Giles knew he didn’t have enough left in him to make it all the way so he sent Barrett through who had been stalking him the length of his run. Half time 3-0
The second half began very much in the same fashion the first had. Two more tries from Giles saw Scunthorpe take a commanding 5-0 lead. The second of the two tries saw Giles recover from a fall as he stumbled through a tackle to run the remaining 15 yards unopposed. Finally Scarborough got on the score sheet after using the width of the pitch to stretch the Scunthorpe defence on two occasions. As the game drew to a close Giles couldn’t help but deliver one final blow to score the final try on the whistle. Full time 6-2 to Scunthorpe.
Meanwhile on the other pitch the greens fell to a 3-1 defeat with Letorey our only scorer. 3 wins from 4 games was a sound return for a mornings work. Letorey & Chapman deserve special mention for taking Player & Tackler of the week respectively. They only started playing rugby a few months ago but are already important cogs in the under 9 engine. Good work everyone.
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