Sun 22
Sheffield Tigers
Scunthorpe vs Sheffield Tigers

Scunthorpe vs Sheffield Tigers

By Matt Nundy
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Match report courtesy of Vicki Shaw

At last, a cold Sunday to play God’s game was upon us as Sheffield Tigers were visitors to Heslam Park.

There was a bit of a slow start to the first of our two games but a few smashing tackles and a flying try from Jonas Richards was soon to change the Greens fortune. Before we knew it, Old Snake Hips (Ollie Chant) was up to his old tricks to drop over the line. The Tigers weren’t going to take this lying down and they popped over for a few tries of their own before Coel Gosling put a stop to that. With a gallant effort of his very own, running from the halfway line, he scored a show stopping try.

In the second half, the Greens found their stride with Edward Ingham and Jack Lenthal combining to score with Saboor Modan making a swift pass to Callum Shaw to allow him to run in the winning try to finish with a 9-8 win to the Greens.

In the second game of the morning, the Bash Brothers (Coel Gosling and Cameron Donskoy) were re-united to form a deadly, un-stoppable partnership allowing no one to pass by them, with their hard hitting tackles as well as stunning runs across the pitch. Theo Price, aka the Wizard, showed us all a magic spell by using his cloak of invisibility and surprising the enemy with his leg locking tackles .

Captain Luca Marosi took his responsibility as Captain seriously to show his team the way to victory and ran in 2 tries to put the Greens ahead. This was however only short lived as the Tigers pounced back scoring another 2 tries on the trot. But the Greens were not to be beaten! Alex Bennett nailed the Tigers front line. Back in our own half, with Amelia’s smash and pass play, she allowed Daniel Mcgrath to duck and weave through the Tigers and score yet another jaw-dropping try! 3-2 to the Greens. GO GREENS!!!!!

But this was not the end, the Tigers were starting a gruesome fight back. Charlie Cant and Jacob Fillingham slipped a pass to Jonas Richards and using his super sonic pace, there was no stopping Richards now making it 4-2 to the Greens!

With the match coming to an end, there was one more blaze of glory for the Greens as Coel Gosling bundled over to finish the game 5-2.

Player of the week was Daniel Mcgrath
Tackler of the week was Jonas Richards.

Match report courtesy of Vicki Shaw

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Sun 22, Nov 2015