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Market Rasen
Scunthorpe and Market Rasen in thrilling encounter

Scunthorpe and Market Rasen in thrilling encounter

By Matt Nundy
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Match report courtesy of Simon Price

The Greens were playing Market Rasen today and what a hard hitting end to end game it was. It was a slow start by the Greens but that was soon to change when a pass was spread wide to George Waldron who shot down the wing to start the try's following.

Market Rasen weren't going to take this lying down. Soon they were on the score sheet with their own try.

George made this short lived with a second gallivant effort running in a second from the half way line. This was followed by yet another Market Rasen try.

Reggie was on full throttle today trying to bull dozer himself through. This soon paid off when he pushed over for try number 3.

Market Rasen started a fight back scoring 2 more tries to go 4-3 in front.

The Greens, on the back foot now, were looking for a little bit of magic and they didn't have to wait long when Theo Price (The Wizard) slipped a sneaky pass for a change of direction allowing Jonas Richards to open up his legs at last to speed in try 4.

Not to be out done Market Rasen hit back with a score almost straight away leaving it at 4-5 half time.

After a pep talk from head coach, Darren Shaw, the Greens were soon ready for the second half. This showed almost instantly with Snake Hips Ollie Chant dancing his way through to level the score 5-5 but yet again Market Rasen came straight back with two trys going ahead 5-7.

The Greens, not to be beaten in the new year, stepped up a level and with Reggies power, Ollies dance moves and Jonas Richards and Callum Shaw's speed, they managed to drag the score back to 7-8 to Market Rasen with trys from Oillie and Reggie helping them on there way.

The game looked like it was all about to end but the Greens, not wanting to be beaten, dug deep and managed something special. A turn over ball snatched away by Daniel Mcgrath and a quick pass by Theo Price to Reggie enabled Reggie to pop the ball on to Callum Shaw who flew across the pitch to drop over in the corner to finish the game 8-8.

This was a hard hitting fast game which was fantastic to watch and leads me to think that 2016 will only get better for the Greens.

Match report courtesy of Simon Price.

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Sun 10, Jan 2016