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U9's excel on cold and frosty moring in Rotherham

U9's excel on cold and frosty moring in Rotherham

By Matt Nundy
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Match report courtesy of Simon Price.

On this cold and frosty morning, the Greens were out to play Rotherham. We didn't have to wait long for the fun to begin as the on fire Coel Gosling made an excellent solo run through the Rotherham defence to score within the first 10 seconds but with the Greens leaky defence, it didn't take long for Rotherham to bounce back with a try of their own.

The Greens seemed to be suffering the jitters with Jonas Richards taken off with a knee injury (lets hope he's back to his hard hitting tackles and speedy runs soon). Then, like a bolt of lightning, Callum Shaw thundered through to score 2-1. This seemed
to wake the Greens up. William Worsley had definitely had his Special K for breakfast judging from the tackles and waltzing runs he made.

The Greens were now pressing for the advantage and this soon paid off when the whole team were involved in pushing Charlie Cant over for try number 3. Sadly, once again, their defence let them down by allowing Rotherham to score straight from the restart 3-2. Luca Marsoi decided to take a leaf out of the book of the on form Coel with a superb effort weaving through the
Rotherham players to dive over for a try 4-2 half time.

After a break, the Greens were back and ready for action. This was short lived as their defence allowed four tackles in a row which allowed Rotherham get straight back into the game 4-3. Theo Price, aka the Wizard, was up to his normal tricks pulling off some of his magic weaving and slipping though a few tackles to conjure up a try of his own. 5-3.

Next came a excellent piece of team work with greens Amelia Tye, Jack Pro, Edward Ingham and Luca Marsoi all combining together with some well worked passes to open up the field for Ollie Chant to run one in 6-3. All seemed to be going well for the
Greens but again the poor defence soon crept back allowing Rotherham to score 2 in a row 6-5.

A quick team talk from head coach, Darren Shaw, and assistant coach, Liam Waldron, seemed to change the one way traffic from
Rotherham as the Greens found new life. Alex Bennett, dropping in some cracking tackles, seemed to rejuvenate the Greens sprits. A turn over ball was spread out wide to George Waldron who had been waiting patiently all game to show his skills and we weren't disappointed as he shot down the line like a whippet to score 7-5.

The game seemed to be coming to a close but Rotherham dropped one more over 7-6. The greens not wanting to draw again
had other plans in the final minutes with Callum Shaw scoring 8-6 and then out of the blue Coel danced his way gracefully though the Rotherham defensive line to swan the final try of the morning 9-6 Greens win.

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Sun 17, Jan 2016