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Young Greens continue to impress

Young Greens continue to impress

By Matt Nundy
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Match report courtesy of Mr Simon Price

The Greens were playing Goole today and it was time for all their hard work in training to show. Luca Marsoi couldn't wait and was out of the block in a shot with his fast runs and hard hitting tackles flying everywhere. This soon led to a turn over ball which was quickly passed to Cole Gosling who was a man on fire running across pitch to score 1-0 the Greens.

Goole wanted to bounce back quickly but the Greens defensive line training seemed to be paying off moving as one unit forwards and backwards. This was until a missed timed pass allowed Goole to snatch the ball from mid air for a clear run in 1-1.

The Greens, now wanting to show that all their hard work, weren't to be undone so easily. They pulled off some excellent free flowing play! A great pass was made from Cameron Donskoy to Jonas Richards. Richards pulled off a switch of direction with Cole Gosling who popped the ball to Luca for him to slip over 2-1.

Goole not wanting to be left behind tried hard to break down the Greens defensive line but with some great tackles and the Greens holding their form so well, there was just no getting past Theo Price, William Worsley and Charlie Cant and soon Goole were moving backwards. Half time was nearly up on us and it looked as if the Greens were going to hold on to their hard fought lead but Cole had other ideas and when Goole made a long high pass, he plucked it out of the air and had a free run from the half way to settle the half at 3-1 Greens.

A quick team talk and a swig of council pop and the Greens were out and ready for the second half in no time. They started just how they finished the first but now they were picking up the trash and recycling the ball well. New found scrum half, William Worsley, seemed to be getting the ball moving fast every time from the break down in play and this soon had Goole chasing back and before they had time to set up their defence the ball was spread out wide to Callum Shaw who shot down the line for a try 4-1.

The Greens seem to start celebrating a little early and were caught off guard by Goole who hit back straight away 4-2 this seemed to switch them back on to the game with a string of excellent runs and defensive play from Reggie Oldridge, Ollie Chant, Alex Bennett and Sabor Modan leading to the Greens making good progress into the Goole defensive line. The game seem to enter in a period of going no where that was until Luca managed to spread the ball out wide on the overlap to Jonas Richards who at last released his blistering pace to score 5-2.

The Greens now shut up shop working hard on their defensive line, moving forward and backwards as one unit. Their team work and supportive play was second to none but a bad pass allowed Goole one more try to finish the game 5-3 GREENS Win!

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